19 Things I Learned Before 19
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19 Things I Learned Before I Turned 19 That Will Help Guide Me Through Whatever Comes Next

Birthdays are often just reflections on everything you could do better.

Taylor Wreesman
Taylor Wreesman

After being on the earth for almost 19 years now and completing my first year of college, I've learned quite a few lessons that will be with me throughout the rest of my life. Some of these have been learned from my parents instilling them in me, from crazy nights with friends, or watching others make mistakes. There will always be more lessons to be learned and mistakes to be made the more years pass and honestly, I can't wait for everything that comes next. Here are the 19 lessons that I've learned before my 19th birthday.

Be early everywhere.

Even if you have to wait until something starts, it's better than being late everywhere.

Always have a charger on you.

You never know what may happen and in the times where you may need your phone the most, is when the batter is almost dead.

Never rely on other people for your happiness.

Always create your own happiness and let others feed into it.

You can never have too much chapstick, lotion, or moisturizer.

Cracked lips, ashy skin, and a dry face never feel good.

If you don't like something; whether it's a person, food, or activity, don't do it.

Never force yourself to do anything you don't want to do. Consent isn't just for sexual activities.

Anxiety happens to everyone at some point, but don't let it control your life.

Learn to breathe through stressful periods and that it always gets better.

Don't let anyone make you believe something you love is stupid.

Your interests are worth everything to you.

Doing something illegal is never worth it if it puts you and or others in danger.

It's never worth the price you pay.

Check up on people, even if you don't talk a lot.

Everyone loves getting a little message asking how they're doing.

What comes around goes around.

Karma is real whether you believe it or not.

Take a break from social media and the internet every once in a while.

It will still be there when you get back, but the beautiful sunset might not.

 Understand how your car works because it will save you.

Stranded? Knowing whether your transmission is busted or just needing fluid because it's over heating can save you.

 Make time for yourself and your friends.

People come and go, so make good memories now than wish you did later.

 Learn to drive a manual transmission, even if you don't get a car with one.

A general skill to know. Plus they're more fun to drive.

 Reward yourself rather than punish yourself.

Focus on the good you did rather than the mistakes and life will feel better for you.

 Say thank you more than you say I'm sorry

People will respond better to you saying "Thank you for waiting for me" rather than "I'm sorry I was late".

 Work hard and give 100% to everything you do.

You can never do wrong if you're putting in 100% effort into something.

 Discover new music.

Find what moves you, those hips don't lie and you know it.

 Ask for help even when you don't want to.

Everybody is always will to help if you ask for it and rather try and deal with something on your own and struggle and possibly fail, ask for help first.

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