Shopping is something that every person does on a day-to-day basis. No matter if it's for clothing, personal care items or groceries, it's something we can rarely avoid. If shopping is happening all over the world, why not shop at places that give back? This way both "shopping until you drop" and helping others are being accomplished. Here is a list of 19 companies that give back to a great cause!

1. Love Your Melon

This wonderful company's focus is putting a hat on every child battling cancer in America. They sell assortments of ever changing beanies, shirts, sweatshirts, bags and baseball caps. Funds from this company are also donated to childhood cancer research while providing support to battling children and their families.

2. Ivory Ella

This one is for the elephant lovers! Ivory Ella is known for their cute, bubbly apparel featuring gorgeous colors with their signature logo. They currently donate 10 percent of their net profits to saving the elephants!

3. Bombas

The focus of this company is socks designed for women, men and kids. One pair of socks bought is another pair donated!

4. Dot

Every school and office supply that Dot sells, pays for a child to attend school for half a day (including uniforms, supplies and fees).

5. Della

Every dollar earned at fashion brand company, Della, goes toward providing employment, education and financial stability for women and men in Ghana. Their employees also receive a steady, fair income and are empowered through education via micro-financing, savings and entrepreneurship classes.

6. Hydros

One purchase from this company provides one year of clean drinking water for one person. They have a mission to bring water to the 1 billion people who need it.

7. Kozhat

A classic hat wear company, aiding in the Wounded Warrior Project, Action Against Hunger, Save the Music Foundation, Friends of Animals, Charity:Water and The Nature Conservancy!

8. LSTN Sound Co.

For every product, such as speakers and headphones, sold from LSTN, proceeds are donated to Starkey Hearing Foundation to help provide hearing aids to people around the world.

9. Lush

LUSH believes in creating handmade products from fresh ingredients while fighting against animal testing. They also have a specific product called “Charity Pot” that is a hand lotion, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to supporting humanitarian, environmental and animal rights around the world. They also create all their products in 100 percent recyclable containers. And what is great about some of them is that if you collect them and bring a certain number of empty pots back, you can receive a free pot of product.

10. Smiles Squared

With every toothbrush bought from S^2, a toothbrush is given to a child in need. Their current goal is to bring a toothbrush to 1 million children in need!

11. TIM-Watch

Every TIM Watch purchased creates a micro fund for a family in need. What makes this organization so special is that once you get your watch, you are able to enter your unique identification number in their app and watch your purchase help people in need.

12. Women's Bean Project

This company employs chronically unemployed and impoverished women to help them learn job readiness and obtain skills for their future. They sell different types of food, such as soups, cookies, candy, salsa and even dog treats.

13. FIGS

For every set of scrubs sold, FIGS provides scrubs for a healthcare provider in need.

14. RED

If any of you are a Sephora fanatic, then you will know about the lip brand, Sugar. Sugar sells a specific lip product called RED, and with every purchase they provide two weeks of life saving medication for people who suffer from HIV.

15. Better World Books

This online book store donates a book to someone in need every time a book is bought. BWB also accepts book donations!

16. Yoobi

Yoobi might be familiar to anyone who has ever been in the school supplies section at Target. They sell kids stationery and fun office supplies, and for every Yoobi item purchased, a Yoobi item will be donated to a classroom in need.

17. Solo Eyewear

Each pair of handcrafted, recycled bamboo sunglasses purchased from Solo, they fund eye care for people in need.

18. Bogo Bowl

For every bag of pet food bought from Bogo Bowl, a bag is given to a pet in need.

19. TOMS

And lastly, one everyone is familiar with. For every pair of shoes bought from TOMS,
a pair is given to a child in need. This is their program called “One for One."