18 Things Every Pitt Student Is Guilty Of

With more than 17,000 undergraduates enrolled at Pitt, you would expect every student to have a completely different experience during their four years as a student, but if you're a true Panther, you should be guilty of all of the following.

1. You’ve taken countless pictures of Cathy.

You know you're obsessed.

2. You’ve gotten Sorrento’s or Antoon’s at 3 a.m.

With ranch, obviously.

3. You’ve ignored all the homeless people on Forbes.

As college students, we barely have enough money for ourselves.

4. You’ve taken the 10A to avoid walking up Cardiac Hill.

It's a real life saver.

5. You’ve made silly faces at your Pathfinder friends while they were giving tours.

When opportunity knocks, open the door.

6. You’ve gotten star struck every time you’ve seen Chancellor Gallagher.

He's basically a celebrity.

7. You’ve suffered serious digestive issues from eating at Market.

Who could forget the Market Maggot?

8. You’ve spent hours at Hillman and left still not completely understanding that chapter of biology you read.

It's pretty much a foreign language.

9. You’ve eaten more than you should at Pamela’s on the weekends.

And you don't regret any of it.

10. You’ve purposely tried to avoid running into certain people at Market.

No explanation needed.

11. You’ve wandered around South O at night with your friends.

It's totally safe, right?

12. You’ve gotten annoyed when people aren’t walking fast enough down Forbes (or anywhere for that matter).

It's especially annoying when you're trying to pick up food.

13. You’ve almost gotten hit by a car or a bus.

Pittsburgh drivers aren't the best.

14. You’ve left at least one football game early.

Because standing out in the cold for hours is hard.

15. You’ve waited hours in line to get tickets to see Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Because why not?

16. You’ve tried to pet as many dogs as possible on Therapy Dog Tuesdays.

Instant happiness.

17. You’ve indulged in some fries from the O after a night out.

Key words: after a night out.

18. You’ve purposely avoided using the crosswalks on Forbes.

Jaywalking is so much more efficient.

Something to not feel guilty about? Always hailing to Pitt. H2P!

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