18 Signs You're... A... ... ...Procrastinator

18 Signs You're... A... ... ...Procrastinator

We put the "pro" in procrastination.

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We've all had that big project or paper assigned months in advance but you know you won't get around to it until the last minute.

You keep busy with other things and push it off to the side because well, you can. Now I'm not saying procrastination is a good thing, but there are probably many that do it. Here are some things procrastinators love and do so well.

1. Binge watch that Netflix series you've seen already

You've watched Friends and How I Met Your Mother how many times? That's ok, watch them again; they are your favorite after all.

2. Getting lost in YouTube videos

You search for one tutorial and then you look outside only to realize the sun is coming up.

3. Scroll Twitter...scroll Instagram...scroll Facebook, repeat

Just to waste time you go through each social media feed to see what everyone is up to.

4. Goof around with Snapchat filters

Trying to figure out how a new filter works like...but you always stay true to the dog filter.

5. Tagging your friends in memes

You have to at least tag your friends in memes twice a day.

6. Texting your friends about what happened last weekend

Sarah did what? With who? I need details, screenshots; tell me everything!

7. Play 8 ball on your iPhone

As soon as you get a text like this you know it's going to be a heated game.

8. Binge watch that new Netflix show you've been dying to watch

The new season of OITNB just came out? I guess I'm not moving from the couch.

9. Getting rid of all the Snapchat stories on your feed

You hate seeing the notifications of Snapchat stories so you go clicking through them till they are all gone.

10. Submitting that paper at exactly 11:59pm, you know the one.

It's always super nerve wrecking to wait till the very last moment, but you also love the pressure underneath a time crunch.

11. Read Odyssey articles

You show your support to your Odyssey team by reading their articles.

12. clean your apartment... maybe this is just me

I would rather spend my day cleaning and jamming to music than doing homework any day.

13. Make/eat food

Because food is life.

14. Saying "I'll do it tomorrow"

You had planned to do something today, but you decided tomorrow would be better.

15. When your friends call you to go out, you don't hesitate at all

Any opportunity to hang out with your friends is a better option than doing your work.

16. Watch movies

You love curling up on the couch with a blanket to watch a movie or five.

17. Making a list of things you need to do instead of actually doing them

Instead of doing the things you need to do, you write a list to preoccupy yourself.

18. Laugh about how much work you have to do, but internally freak out

When the deadline is right around the corner and you go into full panic mode but you try to hide it on the outside.

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