18 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is Your Soul Mate
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18 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is Your Soul Mate

There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did and who always will.

18 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is Your Soul Mate

1. No one will ever be able to replace her. She will be your number one, your lobster, your soul mate, your 'person' for the rest of your life. You may grow close to other people, but you both understand that you could never replace her ever.

2. She has been there with you through every bad friendship and relationship. She can predict what you will do or how you will react to something before you even know yourself. She knows about all the jerks you've dated and even all the awkward moments you've shared with them.

3. She will stick by your side even if you become the weirdest person on the face of the earth. You could throw out any hypothetical situation and nothing would stop her from becoming friends with you or staying friends with you.

4. She will never in a million years judge you for anything. This can't be said about many people. You know that even if you did something morally challenging she would always be there to back up your decisions and fight for you.

5. She will be there to support any decision you make. Remember when you were both broke and contemplated becoming a stripper or getting a sugar daddy? You both then laughed at the silliness but were both secretly serious about it.

6. You will always have someone to rescue you from random boys. It could be 3 a.m., and she could be sleeping or doing her own thing, but she would never think twice about waking up or jumping in the car and driving to your rescue. She will even do this while plotting the entire way there how she will drag you away from nameless boy. She understands that an SOS text message is probably not life or death situation, but she still needs to treat the situation like it is.

7. No problem is too small. She always knows exactly the right thing to say at exactly the right time. This is probably because she knows you better than you know yourself.

8. You go through the same problems together. It seems as if you always have the exact same drama as her.

9. She is not afraid to look like a complete and utter fool with you. No matter what the theme of the mixer is, if one of you wants to dress up, the other is definitely dressing up too. This is also great for Halloween because you know that you'll always have the Christina to your Meredith or the Miley to your Lilly.

10. It doesn't matter what time it is, if you text her she will respond immediately.

11. You will always have someone to go to when you don't know what to wear for a date. Or how to do your makeup. Or how to style your hair. She will sit there happily and patiently as she helps you through all of this.

12. You do literally EVERYTHING together. In high school, if one of the superlatives had been "Most Inseparable," the two of you would have won and have run uncontested. People only have to invite one of you to events because it is automatically assumed that if one of you is there the other will be too. The two of you are a package deal.

13. Twenty-four hours away from each other is basically the equivalent of two lifespans in best friend time. Anything longer than 24 hours, and you both start to go through best-friend withdrawal. You tell each other everything and anything that happens down to the tiniest details.

14. Movie nights with each other turn into wine nights with little to no movie watching actually going on. The two of you are too busy gossiping to sit there and actually watch.

15. When you go to the actual movie theater you still end up talking during the entire movie. Throughout the years you've learned that movies are only fun if there is hilarious commentary from your other half.

16. Creepy stopped being a thing years ago. The two of you have been through so much that conversations about periods, pooping and anything else disgusting is just normal talk. No conversation is ever off limits or weird.

17. Her family is your family and your family is her family. The day the two of you met was the day that two families combined into one. This is especially great around birthdays and Christmas because you now have two sets of parents and siblings buying you presents.

18. You get invited on all of the family vacations. Is the family going on vacation to Myrtle Beach? It is already assumed that one of the beds will be yours. Everyone has "their" seat in the family car, and you have yours as well.

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