18 Realities Of Being An ENFP, As Told By 'Parks And Recreation'

18 Realities Of Being An ENFP, As Told By 'Parks And Recreation'

Things that every ENFP can relate to.

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ENFP's are hard to read. We're highly emotional, yet analytical. We love being around people, yet we need time alone to figure out how we feel. ENFP's make up 8% of the population, and if you happen to be one of the 8%, you will totally understand these struggles and characteristics that every ENFP feels.

1. We're incredibly independent, yet we crave company.

2. We see everything as connected.

Nothing happens without a reason, and everything has a deeper meaning. Reality is a gigantic, interconnected puzzle. That's why we do so well as English majors-- EVERYTHING IS A METAPHOR. IT'S ALL FORESHADOWING!!

3. ENFP's are incredibly independent, and that means we hate getting bogged down by administrative tasks.

We would rather be the fire behind the ideas.

4. We can get bogged down in small, boring busy work.

We have to have room to innovate new things.

5. Our role is to inspire others—we get really excited about issues, and we encourage other people to do great things.

6. We are project-oriented, and tend to like to work on one thing at a time.

7. We may seem flighty, but we are actually pretty consistent internally.

ENFP's have a strong sense of purpose, and we need to feel like we're being 100% ourselves when we pursue a direction in life.

8. We tend to be very emotional, so much of our life is trying to focus on being centered, so we can live life according to our true selves.

9. We need alone time to "center" ourselves.

Since we invest so much of ourselves into other people, we tend to get thrown around emotionally, and need to take time to anchor ourselves to who we want to be.

10. We tend to be very tense, since we are constantly on alert and observing the things around us (I can't remember the last time my shoulders haven't been in incredible pain... oops).

11. We're good at taking care of other people, but we're not very good at taking care of ourselves.

12. Sometimes, ENFP's rely too much on our intuition, and we misread the signs instead of being straightforward.

13. ENFP's hate small talk.

We want to stop speaking about the weather and traffic and instead want to skip right to talking about the stars and our goals and passions and the future and the past and absolute nonsense.

14. We have this... switch.

I can go from completely serious to a total weirdo in a moment, and it usually throws our friends off, because they never know exactly what to expect from us.

15. In relationships, we tend to care more about people than they care about us.

This can be really hard for an ENFP, until we realize that gratification should come more from the action of pouring into people than from the person himself.

16. We look for the best part of every day.

"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day" is one of my personal mottos, and as an ENFP, we actively pursue joy.

17. We don't sleep very well.

18. ENFP's collect words, ideas, and possibilities.

This might look like we're being distracted, but we're just trying to soak every beautiful moment in possible in this weird life.

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