Everyone will go through some type of break up throughout their life, whether it's a friend break up or a boyfriend/girlfriend break up. Break ups come with all sorts of feelings like sadness, anger and happiness. Some people never got the chance to tell their ex how the truly felt after their break up... or they simply just didn't want to tell them. Here are 18 people who reveal what they wish they could say to their exes.

1. "You can't control me anymore. Also you're a coward." - Cam, 18

2. "You can no longer control me and you're pissed because you got caught. You're a compulsive liar. You were always secretive with your phone and always hid things from me. I wish the girl you're with now knew what I know. The best thing I did was I got rid of you." - Maddie, 19

3. "You're the only person I despise on this planet. I wish I could warn every single future girl about you. You're literally nothing and I hope you get what you deserve." - L*, 19

4. "I'm sorry for holding expectations that were never promised. That I started the relationship knowing what I was getting myself into and expected you to change and that no one owes me anything. I cannot be upset for that." - Mady, 19

5. "I hope you get hit by a car and then have it back up and run you over again. Then I hope your sons are douche bags just like you and that you die old and alone you lisp talking mullet having ass." - A*, 20

6."I wish you could understand I had to put myself first. You were holding me back and I'm happier now. Finally. I just wished you would've treated me like an ACTUAL human being after everything and not YOUR property so we could still be friends. I'm not sorry for what I said or how I broke up things off because I know we tried. It's hard after falling in love for the first time and know you'll always have a small place in my heart, I'm trying to remember the good over the bad. Even after what was said. I really do wish you the best." - M*, 19

7. "I hope you know how bad it hurt when you picked me up from a party with another girl in the front seat, dumped me at your house ALONE, and went to another party with the girl in your front seat. I never forgave you for that night no matter how hard I tried." - Isabella, 19

8. "I'm sorry I didn't keep in touch and you were alone." - Brooke, 19

9. "I didn't break up with you the day before our one year because I didn't want to get you a gift. I broke up with you cause I wanted to have my own life." - A*, 19

10. "You are just manipulating and abusive. I can and I WILL find so much better than you. But good luck finding better than me." - H*, 19

11. "I'm relieved that things ended and I don't regret anything I learned so much being with you and wish you nothing but the best I'll miss the good times." - S*, 21

12. "Why are you so immature? I want you back, but I don't. The idea of you is great, but your personality sucks." - Garrison, 19

13. "You really hurt me. But I also want to thank you for showing me that I deserve better." - Olivia, 19

14. "Eat my ass." - A*, 19

15. "I'm sorry. I really want you back, but I know she makes you happier. I wish it was me." - Emily, 18

16. "I trusted you and you took everything from me. F*** you." - D*, 21

17. "I don't get how anyone can like you. You're a piece of trash. Those girls are blinded by those looks you don't even have." - L*, 19

18. "I only dated you for your money. Sorry but you deserved it." - R*, 20

Most break ups are messy as you can see here. Most of them relate, some don't at all. The spectrum is long on this one. But always remember, exes are exes for a reason.