18 Things Mike Pence Can't Be Left Alone With
"In 2002, Mike Pence told the Hill that he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife and that he won’t attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side, either." -The Washington Post

1. A woman who is not his wife.

2. A wall where images other than his wife could be projected.

3. A gay man who is not his wife.

4. Three women who are not his wife.

5. His mother, aunts, and other distant relatives.

6. Any Al Green album.

7. A TV with HBO's hit comedy, "Girls."

8. Poor people who are not his wife.

9. Camels.

10. Legislation that benefits women who aren't his wife.

11. First Lady Melania Trump.

12. The lamp from "A Christmas Story."

13. Any full, fluffy pillow.

14. Lotion.

15. Socks.

16. Oil paintings of watermelons and apples.

17. The Internet.

18. A bottle of Mrs. Butterworth Maple Syrup.

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