18 Fun Dates To Go On With Your Best Friend
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18 Fun Dates For You And Your Bestie When Your Boyfriends Are MIA

Do something different!

18 Fun Dates For You And Your Bestie When Your Boyfriends Are MIA

After a while, it seems like every time best friends hang out they end up doing one of the same two or three things. Mix things up by trying something new off this list!

1. Cook dinner together. 

Cook your favorite meal, something brand new, or a healthy dish!

2. Make cookies together. 

Make and decorate cookies and then spend the rest of the night eating all of them!

3. Decorate cupcakes. 

Buy cupcakes already baked or bake your own and then decorate and devour!

4. Make homemade pizzas. 

This is such a fun way to spend time with your bestie and enjoy a delicious dinner!

5. Ice cream sundae party. 

Ice cream. Sundaes. Need I say more?

6. Mini-golfing!

A new challenge can be super fun!

7. Try a new restaurant together. 

A new experience can be delicious and fun!

8. Go shopping. 

Even if it's just window shopping, get out and walk around!

9. Have a picnic at a park together. 

Enjoy some yummy sandwiches and fresh air!

10. Go to an animal shelter or a pet store and play with puppies!

Who doesn't love playing with puppies?

11. Do something in the city you live in that neither of you have done before. 

Be tourists for the day!

12. Read a book at the park together. 

Enjoy fresh air and relax with a good book.

13. Explore TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Homegoods together!

There's nothing more exciting!

14. Go to a bookstore together and buy a new book to read together!

Pick out something you'll both love and read it and talk about it together.

15. Start a new Netflix show!

Binge watch Netflix together on a rainy Saturday.

16. Craft and make decorations for your apartments.

Let your creative side show!

17. Go grocery shopping together. 

Get your errands done and make it fun by being with your best friend!

18. Go get coffee or a smoothie together. 

Go grab a yummy snack!

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