We all remember how easy it was to answer the question “What do you want for Christmas?” as children.

We flipped through the holiday toy catalogues circling an item on every page, and shouted “THIS! THIS IS IT!” every time one of those hot commodities appeared in a TV ad. There were so many exciting new things we just had to have! But now that we’re adults (more or less), the things we feel we need to make our lives complete can’t be found in a toy catalogue, or placed underneath the tree.

Here are real, honest answers to the question “What do you want for Christmas this year?” from real American millennials.

1. Confidence.

2. To be happy and well.

3. An end to the Syrian War.

4. A white Christmas.

5. An established career.

6. Motivation.

7. A 4.0 GPA.

8. A sense of belonging.

9. Book smarts.

10. A functional family.

11. A sense of purpose.

12. More hours in the day to catch up on sleep.

13. To manage my mental health issues.

14. Family who are accepting of me being trans.

15. To be surrounded by my family.

16. Stability of my friends.

17. Emotional and mental clarity.