17 Toys From The 2000s That Were Just Like Fidget Spinners, But Better
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17 Toys From The 2000s That Were Just Like Fidget Spinners, But Better

Millennials, I bet you didn't go anywhere without some of these toys.

17 Toys From The 2000s That Were Just Like Fidget Spinners, But Better
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These 17 toys are just like the fidget spinner, in the sense that they were once incredibly popular (and some still are). They rose to the top of the toy sales in the 2000s and were iconic pieces of our childhood.

These 17 toys are also way cooler than a 3 pronged plastic toy that balances itself and spins with minimal effort, just saying:

1. Tamagotchi's

Tamagotchi's were the first "carry with you" electronic game that was small enough to play in the middle of class (whoops). They were less obvious than a gameboy and so incredibly addicting. These things were the sh!t and if you didn't own one (or 5) you probably felt incredibly left out.

2. Littlest Pet Shops

These were every girls addiction. One birthday you got a little set from your aunt, and then you needed more and more and more. Every time your mom dragged you to the store you begged to buy more animals. You wanted the whole zoo!

3. Koosh Balls

No one really knew the purpose of these balls but they are fun as hell to play with and great for throwing at your siblings!

4. Webkinz

Best. Online. Game. Ever. If you weren't addicted to the website you're lying to yourself. You envied the kids who had like 10 Webkinz pets, and you once again could never have enough. Whenever the chance arouse, you always showed off your rooms to your friends as if it was the best MTV Cribs episode ever.

5. Silly Bandz

No one really knows how these came about or why the fashion trend caught on so well but I think we can all agree that it can stay in the past.

6. Gameboy

Now these bad boys were legendary, and they still are! They were the first meaningful portable game system that made boring car rides go by 10x faster, and rainy days 10x more exciting.

7. Beyblades

Personally, I never got into these, but my brother did and I never really got the point. The battles didn't make much sense, however the way you made these suckers spin was kind of cool, and made it a unique toy of the 2000's

8. Furby

The Furby commercials were honestly better than the toy.

9. Bratz Dolls

Barbie's were fun to play with, but Bratz Dolls just had a type of sass that came with them. Our mom's bought them for us because "you're a brat, so I had to get a doll that was one too".

10. Matchbox Cars

These were the #1 hand-me-down toys of all time. As kids we owned new ones, used ones, and probably played with the same cars our own parents did. This toy is truly timeless.

11. Troll Dolls

These dolls man. Looking back, I can't believe our parents let us play with bootylicious, ass naked troll dolls!

12. Polly Pockets

If you didn't have this exact Polly Pocket set shown above, did you even own Polly Pockets?

13. Silly Putty

Although this toy, like the Matchbox cars, was not invented in the 2000's, it is one of those classic toys that will never die. To our parent's dismay, Silly Putty was taken anywhere and caused lots of trouble sometimes.

14. Beanie Babies

Can you believe that some of the rarest Beanie Babies sell for thousands of dollars? I can because Beanie Babies were freaking awesome and made for great guests at tea parties and make-believe in-home zoos.

15. Zhu Zhu Pets

I never had one of these because my mom was thinking clearly and knew that they were more annoying than I anticipated. As my cousins got them, I found them of much annoyance, much like the fidget spinner. Personally, I would rather have a real hamster.

16. My Little Pony

My Little Pony horse dolls were iconic. If you didn't take these with you everywhere you went, you clearly didn't utilize them to their full function of making life more colorful and fun!

17. Pokémon Cards

Pokémon Go was fun and all, but kids these days don't understand the fun that is Pokémon. The classic video games and the collectible cards are what started and carried the franchise and none of us could picture our childhood's without it.

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