When I was in middle school and beginning to establish my online/social media presence, there was nothing my friends and I loved more than tagging each other in cheesy pictures and having hour-long wall-to-walls filled with cliché quotes we lifted from brainyquote.com about how we were ~<3 bEsT fRiEnDs <3~. Years later, I still have all the love in the world for my OG #RideOrDies, but I've gotten to thinking about the moments-- especially with my friends at college-- that serve as clear indicators that the line between friendship and nap-in-the-same bed, pee-in-the-same-stall-at-the-bar *best* friendship has been crossed:

1. The moment you stop needing words to communicate.

2. When you graduate from sharing homework and lab notes to the more important things like Netflix accounts and bottles of wine.

3. The moment you realize you love all the same things.

4. The moment they offer to tell off/maim/kill someone for you.

5. When you both understand and abide by an unspoken no-judgment rule.

6. When they start hating someone just because you do, no questions asked.

7. And they hate them more aggressively than you do.

8. When they remember your exact coffee order AND surprise you with it.

9. They ask you to approve all of their instas before they post, especially the ones you're in.

And you do the same.

10. And the second you post a picture, they automatically throw you the comment and like.

*Important note: they are NOT a true friend if they comment and don't like it. Commenting without the accompanying like is pretty much grounds for a restraining order, actually.

11. They watch you carefully when you're out to make sure you don't text/call an ex.

12. Pigging out on junk food together turns into not only a favorite pastime, but also a point of pride.

13. The first time you barge into their room without even thinking about knocking.

14. When you officially establish that you have a song.

15. And when it comes on, you pretty much lose your sh*t together.

16. When they take the place of a significant other in your life.

17. The moment you realize you've had someone in mind the entire time you were reading this.

Go forth and share this with your best friends! And no matter what, never let them go. If they can keep you from sending a risky text AND remember your venti four-pump non-fat iced chai latte with light ice and one Equal, they're keepers.