17 Thoughts I Had The First Week Of School

I was not ready for school to start. Going to class daily and having a ton of reading for every single class is never fun, but on the bright side, I have an excuse to drink a lot of coffee (which I'm most likely addicted to) and I get to see all my friends so I guess it's okay.

1. Why did I choose to move 2,000 miles away? I hate long flights.

2. How the hell did me and one other person fill up a whole storage unit?

3. I've been on campus for 20 minutes and already tripped up the stairs.

4. FRIENDS!!! I've missed you all so much!

5. I'm tired but I'm with all my friends, so who needs sleep?

6. *Next Morning* Me. I needed sleep.

7. Who are all these faces I don't know? Transfers or freshman?

8. First day of classes and I'm already wanting to fall asleep.

9. Thank god for coffee otherwise I wouldn't be functioning.

10. I've already been told I need sleep and it's the beginning of the semester. That's great.

11. *Third day of classes* Why do I feel more exhausted now than during midterms?

12. Why did I stay up with my friend working the overnight the night before I worked one? I couldn't tell you.

13. I work tonight. I'm going to sleep before I go.

14. *15 minutes later* Why, Meredith Grey, why?

15. I've probably made about 89 poor life decisions already and it's only the first week.

16. Thank god it's finally Saturday. Maybe I can catch up on sleep.

17. Wait, who am kidding? I never catch up on sleep.

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