17 Things You Immediately Start Doing When You Become A BGSU Falcon

17 Things You Immediately Start Doing When You Become A BGSU Falcon

Apparently hockey is your new favorite sport. Surprise!

BGSU Falcons are their own breed. This is partly because it is the most amazing university in the world and only attracts top people, but it is also because Falcons assimilate to their surroundings upon stepping foot on our very flat campus. If you don't do any of these things already, be prepared to do so.

1. You'll start to regularly watch hockey

Yeah, so what if you've never watched the sport before? Throw on your BG gear and get ready to pound on some glass because you're a hockey fan now. Surprise!

2. And begin to vehemently despise Toledo

Never been to Toledo before? Truly have no negative feelings toward Toledo? Appreciate certain aspects of the Toledo area? From Toledo? NOT ANYMORE. You now hate Toledo. If you're not making that vocally clear within your first week, just leave.

3. You'll begin to appreciate the orange and brown color combo

Yeah, we know orange and brown is a hideous combination but you have to love it now. Sorry!

4. Adapting to weather conditions will become a part of your skill set

Might as well throw a snow scraper, an umbrella, sunscreen and the will power to ensure ungodly amounts of wind in your bag: You'll see it all. In one day, no less.

5. You'll eat/drink at Dunkin... Probably daily

So what if you've never liked Dunkin before? Dunkin is now your breakfast. Your after class pick-me-up. Your favorite restaurant in the entire world.

6. You'll become a local food snob after eating at one local restaurant

You will eat Polleyeyes once, and after that, even if you just had it yesterday, if someone says they've never had it you will GASP and say, "you've never had Polleyeyes?!" Works with Pisanello's, Kermit's and just about any restaurant in Bowling Green.

7. You will brag about accomplishments your university has that you had nothing to do with

"Right, but Richard Webber from Grey's Anatomy went to Bowling Green, so get back to me."

8. Chanting Ay Ziggy Zoomba will become second nature. Never mind you have no idea what it means

Clap those hands. Do those awkward arm movements. Roll along, you BG warriors.

9. You'll find a new appreciation for a finely pressed orange pantsuit

No one pulls this style off more seamlessly than President Mazey, and we appreciate it.

10. You will walk right around literally everything for the rest of time

You only have to walk right around the seal, but the muscle memory will carry over to every round walkway for the rest of your life.

11. You'll begin using "Falcon" as a curse word replacement

You better start right Falcon now.

12. You'll begin referring to buildings as their genital resemblances

Yes, we know the Metamorphosis statue looks like a vagina and that the administration building looks like a penis. That is why we call them vagina rock and the penis building, and you should, too.

13. You will laugh in the face of our "mall," but will take advantage of its ridiculous movie ticket prices

We agree, most malls do have more than a Dumham's sports store and an Elder-Beerman, and yes, most malls have more than 4 cars in their parking lots at any given time. BUT, more often than not you can probably by your movie ticket with pocket change so don't complain too much.

14. Knowing the age limit and "coolness" of a bar will become second nature

Within the first weekend, you'll be able to ace a quiz on which bars you'll be able to get into (legally) and which ones are actually worth going to.

15. You will get more excited for St. Patrick's Day than Christmas

OK, maybe not that much, but we are weirdly obsessed with St. Patricks Day and you will celebrate this holiday with as much passion (and as much alcohol) as possible.

16. Ordering Insomnia Cookies/Cookie Jar will likely become a weekly experience

WHAT? You've never had cookie jar? Well, you better order yourself a dozen piping hot cookies to your door this instant.

17. You will see going to Kroger as an outing

Wal-Mart is the main source of groceries in this town, but damn it if you don't want the fresh fruit and elegant vibe of our remodeled Kroger.

18. You will become obsessed with The Birds

Hated mascots before? Were indifferent? Too bad, you now have to love them with your entire heart and hug them every time you see them.

19. You'll let a place you've never been before become your home

The craziest thing you'll do as a Falcon is take this objectively unappealing, flat town and turn it into your home and the hot spot for some of the best memories of your life. Go Falcons.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Petty

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5 Pieces Of Advice I Wish I Could Have Told My High School Self

"In three words, I can sum up everything about life: it goes on." - Robert Frost


During high school, I literally counted the days until I was away at college, living my own life and free to do whatever I pleased. However, now that I look back on that time period, there are so many things I should have appreciated more and so many things I should have spent less time caring about. High school wasn't always a dream, but I wish I cherished that time more. Being away at college, I miss my friends and family terribly, despite loving my school, and I regret not waiting to do certain things that are reserved for adulthood. If I could go back in time and grab my high school self by the shoulders, these are the five things I would say to her.

1. Appreciate your family now 

Looking back, I really wish I would have spent more quality time with my parents and brothers before I left for college. I spent so much wasted time in high school spending time with people that I didn't care about and I wish I could go back and change that more than anything. I miss the little things like sitting at the kitchen table doing homework across from my Mom or watching Jeopardy with the family while we ate our dinner. These little moments are something I can't have while I'm away at college, and I wish I could have known how much these moments would mean to me someday, back then.

2. Spend as much time with your friends as possible

I cannot even describe how much I miss my hometown friends. I miss all of the inside jokes, the countless hours spent talking about pointless things, the game nights, and most of all, knowing that I could turn to them for literally anything. It is really hard to find people in college that can even replicate the friends you had at home (I'm not saying it's impossible), so cherish every minute you have with those crazy people. Things change when you go to college because both you and all your friends are leading vastly different lives now. It can be hard to feel the same way you did before you all left for college, but it is also so wonderful to see all of your friends grow into incredible adults. So, don't leave that hangout session early because your tired or want to watch Netflix, because someday you would give anything to have one of those nights back. I know I do.

3. Stop looking for love, it will find you

I spent so many pointless hours in high school going on dates with guys that didn't deserve a minute of my attention, because I so badly wanted someone to love me. I saw all of these girls at my high school with long-term boyfriends and I cried wondering why that couldn't be me, eventually causing me to waste my time desperately looking for my person. However, it was right when I stopped looking that love found me. The universe knew that those boys weren't right for me (and I think, deep down, I did too) and then, after I patiently waited, love was offered to me on a silver platter. My person found me and I thank my lucky stars every day for him because he gives me the kind of love I have dreamed of for years.

4. Don't try to grow up too fast

I wanted so many things in high school, so badly, that I just couldn't have yet. I would get so mad at my parents because they would say that I wasn't old enough to do those things yet and that I would have all the freedom in the world to do whatever I pleased in college, but I just needed to wait. I would get angry and frustrated because I wanted, more than anything, to be treated like an adult and be able to do adult things, but, looking back, I was just a naive little kid; I know that now. Also, the things that I was so excited for really weren't all they were cracked up to be. However, I owe a thank you to my parents for not letting me grow up too fast, because, let's be honest, growing up kind of sucks.

5. Everything will work out and you are going to be ok 

I stressed out over so many trivial things in high school that, in the grand scheme of things, do not matter at all now. I put so much pressure on myself trying to accomplish goals that would end up not mattering once I left for college. While I'm not saying that I'm not extremely proud of my accomplishments, but I could have saved myself a lot of tears if I knew then that if I didn't achieve something, it wouldn't ruin my life. On the contrary, I feel as though I grew so much more as a person in those instances of failure, than those instances of success. Everything happens for a reason. I got rejected by 8 colleges because the universe knew that I belonged at UW-Madison. I went through a horribly traumatic experience because the universe knew I would come out stronger on the other side. I had my dreams dashed more times than I could count because the universe had a different plan in store for me than the one I envisioned for myself. I think a quote by Robert Frost sums up this piece of advice very well, "In three words, I can sum up everything about life: it goes on."

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