17 Things Non-CCU Students Wouldn't Understand

If you don't know what it feels to scream the "CINO" chant across the building after CCU claims another "W", or race someone to a study room in Klub K, then you probably don't go to Coastal Carolina. If you're one of those people who pretend to not know who we are, then shame on you. Maybe it was the extremely bright teal turf that you missed. Or maybe it was the newly renovated baseball stadium that houses one of the best ball teams in the nation. Either way, if you're sleeping on us, then it's your own loss. For all of my fellow CCU students out there, here are 17 things that I'm sure you can all identify with. If you can't relate to these things, it's because you can't sit with us, here's what you're missing out on. Go Chants!

1- Wendy Singleton & her maintenance updates. - You're hoping that new email is a class cancellation email, but no. It's just an update on the paving project that has taken 3000 years to complete. Cool.

2- The bell tower that randomly goes off and scares everyone. - Talk about a heart attack. No better way to scare yourself than to walk by this massive tower and have it go off at random. Yikes.

3- Highly successful athletic teams. - CCU know.

4-It's not pronounced "shant-i-clear". - NOT chandelier and not "shant-i-cleer". It's to easy.

5- One doesn't simply ignore the call/response CINO chant. Coastal Is Number One.

6- Ice cream is best served, in overwhelmingly large amounts, out of kiddie pools. - This is first introduced at orientation but it never dies. God bless it.

7- Teal Tuesdays. - The teal is real.

8- The amount of construction workers on campus 24/7. - *Queue Wendy Singleton email update*

9- Stalking people walking towards the parking lot to steal their parking spot or just giving up completely. - The overflow lot is every man for himself.

10- Surf Turf. - No we're not trying to be Boise State. We're Coastal freaking Carolina. #BallAtTheBeach

11- Wall Pond turtle takeover. - Enough Said.

12- Late Night Bingo is serious business. - Why buy an Apple watch is they'll give it out as a prize at Late Night Bingo?

13- Standing up for your school on social media when people throw shade. - If you disrespect the teal, you're asking to get attacked. Know what you're getting yourself into. (Don't act like you don't know what we're about).

14- Fried chicken Fridays.

15- Stress eating in Hicks during Finals Frenzy. - This saves lives.

16- Fighting people for study rooms at Klub Kimbel. - If you can help it, just stay home during finals week. Trying to get a study room will be a waste of time.

17- All the free food on campus, on random days. (First FRYDAY, Clubs & Corndogs, PopUp Food tents etc.) - This is incredibly important for all of the people that didn't buy a meal plan to begin with. MAJOR key.

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