Playing soccer for most of your life is one of the best experiences one could have.

It brings new friends into your life, keeps you in shape as hell, and leaves memories that will last a lifetime. But when it comes time to hang up the cleats for the last time, it is hard to go without all of the experiences that made playing such a big and amazing part of your life.

If you are a former soccer girl who played every chance she got for years, here are 17 things you know you miss (whether you want to admit it or not!):

1. Team bus rides to and from games

2. Stupid team inside jokes that made no sense if you weren't there when they were created

3. Picking out a new pair of cleats

4. Basically seeing your coach as an extra parent

5. Brainstorming songs as a team to go on your pregame warmup playlist

6. Having a favorite drill that the entire team had fun with

7. Complaining about how cold/hot the weather is together

8. Complaining about your coach together

9. Complaining about everything together because your teammates were like your family

10. Team dinners

11. The feeling you got when team conditioning was finally over

12. That one team member who was a spaz but everyone loved her anyway

13. Hating being forced to participate in fundraisers but loving the new equipment and gear you got as a result

14. The nervous excitement you always got before games

15. Eating everything in sight after practice

16. Picking out a million different flavored Gatorades

17. Having 20 teammates who were like your sisters