We all know that person with one complaint every single time you see them. "I am freezing," they say with chattering teeth. They're always rubbing their hands together to create friction, they're the first person to the fire for warmth, and if there is a hotter option - they've chosen it. I am that friend. I swear, my body temperature is a solid ten degrees colder than the average human, and getting me warm is a struggle. I know I'm not the only one. Here are 17 things all us cold bodies out there can relate to.

1. Sweatshirts are an all year long thing.

2. Sometimes you have to rub your fingers together to warm them up before using your phone.

3. There is no difference between ice cubes and your feet.

4. No collection is as big as your soft blanket one.

5. You’ll drink coffee at 4pm just to warm yourself up.

6. Mini heaters are your best friend.

7. You don’t wear tank tops unless you’re at the beach - and sometimes not even then.

8. You sit on your hands when you’re outside or cold in class.

9. Snuggling is your favorite.

10. You’ve had an argument with at least one of your friends about the temperature in the car.

11. The wind is your nemesis.

12. You’ve thought more than once about some kind of a mitten for your nose.

13. Socks matter.

14. Someone has asked you if you were mad when you really were just tucking your hands under your armpits for warmth.

15. The term “layers” is arbitrary because you’re never quite sure how many are enough to keep you comfortable.

16. The outdoors during the months of November-April are unbearable.

17. Snow is for looks not for playing.