1. Recruitment is essentially a war zone.

Everyone is out for themselves.

2. Bid day is equivalent to Christmas morning.

In fact, it might even be a little or a lot better than Christmas.

3. Glitter, glitter, and more glitter.

Glitter in your hair, glitter on your face, glitter all over your body... most girls in sororities find excuses to put glitter anywhere and everywhere.

4. Buying more t-shirts than you even have room for.

Yes, mom, I promise I actually needed that new t-shirt.

5. Having a tight-knit bond with your pledge class.

We don't take the "sister" term lightly.

6. Having a true home away from home.

There is no place like your *sorority* home!

7. Always dealing with the stereotypes of your sorority and of Greek life in general.

*Cue eye rolls*

8. Swaps are our Super Bowl.

We LIVE for swaps.

9. We love a good photo shoot.

And, yes, it does take 1,000 tries to get the perfect picture.

10. Getting ready to go out takes hard work, determination, and a group effort.

Someone doing the makeup, someone doing the hair, someone picking out the outfit... it honestly takes a lot of people.

11. Obsessing over your big/little.

No one could ever come between you and your fam.

12. Using your sorority to motivate you to get good grades.

The studying is well worth the date parties, the swaps, the mixers etc.

13. Competitiveness.

Whether it is Homecoming, Greek Week, Derby Days, or whatever else your school does, any week that has any sort of competition really sparks a competitive nature within all sorority girls.

14. Freshman year is the busiest, craziest year of your life.

You literally don't even have time to breathe.

15. Your guilty pleasure is your door song.

Admit it, you find yourself singing it in your head every once in a while.

16. Game days with your girls are the best days.

How many days until football?

17. And most importantly, your sorority is one of the best parts of your college experience.

I wouldn't want to spend my days and nights any other way than with all of my sorority sisters.