17 Songs To Make You Feel Like You're Living A Modern Day Love Story
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17 Songs To Make You Feel Like You're Living A Modern Day Love Story

"Music is the soundtrack of your life." - Dick Clark

17 Songs To Make You Feel Like You're Living A Modern Day Love Story

Music playlists are really one of the only things getting me through this semester filled with assignments, upcoming finals, and just classes in general, not to mention April is just around the corner… March doesn't even feel like it happened, but that's none of my business. College is stressful as it is and I'm not gonna lie, there have been many times where I felt like the main character throughout the semester. Those moments honestly hit harder when I listened to music that fit the mood of what I'm going through and I figured "why not make a playlist of my own?" Music is always there to enjoy, you just have to find the songs that resonate best with you. These are songs that fit my personal taste, but they're so fun to play while getting ready for class or doing homework and put me in a good mood. Feel free to give them a listen.

1. “Dance, Baby!” - Boy Pablo

Hearing this song makes me want to do exactly what the title says. The way the song flows makes me feel like I'm in a pretty cool montage with the person I like. Nothing but good vibes with this song.

2. “Sway” - Alt Bloom

Another feel-good song. It's a bit slower but just as exciting and impactful on someone's mood. This makes me wanna dance around the house with the person I like, not caring if we look ridiculous.

3. “Campus” - Vampire Weekend

Honestly, when I hear this song, it makes me think of scenes in movies where the main character is walking to class, sees their crush, and walks in a different direction to avoid their crush but still hurries to class. Am I the only one that plays movies in my head that fit to the music I'm listening to?

4. “Someone To You” - Banners

An up-beat and fast-paced song that makes emotions stir up inside, "Someone To You" makes me feel so many things I can't exactly put into words. Everyone wants to be somebody to someone, we want to be that go-to person for the one we care about, and I think this song does a really good job at capturing that aspect of love.

5. “This Side of Paradise” - Coyote Theory

I don't know if it's the lyrics or the rhythm, but this song makes me feel safe and welcome in a way. It makes me feel like I could be with my special person and we'd be so comfortable together, whether we're making each other laugh or we sit in comfortable silence and just enjoy each other's company.

6. “Friday I’m In Love” - The Cure

Kind of like the song "Campus," "Friday I'm In Love" makes me think of the main character of a movie walking to school or to class. But instead of avoiding the person they like, they're actually looking forward to seeing them and talking to them either at school or when the day's over.

7. “Out of My League” - Fitz and the Tantrums

This song, along with a few others in this list, is one I found on TikTok but it gave me insane "main character" vibes and made me feel kind of nostalgic in a way. I can see this song playing in the background for someone who likes someone they can't have.

8. “Somewhere Only We Know” - Cover by Reneé Dominique

I know this isn't who originally sings the song, but Reneé Dominique's voice is so relaxing and soothing in this song. When I hear it, I can't help but think of sitting with someone I really like, and just talking with them and enjoying their company, almost creating a safe space between the two of us that only the two of us feel with each other.

9. “Cloud 9” - Beach Bunny

I honestly thought this song was SO cute and really fun to listen to. It gives me early 2000's movie vibes where the main character is in their room, singing along to the song and basically dedicating this song to that person they like.

10. “Stuck With U” - Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber

"Stuck With U" makes me think of a person telling their partner that they don't care what they do, it doesn't matter, they will still unconditionally love them. I also love when Ariana and Justin both harmonize together throughout the song.

11. “Tear In My Heart” - 21 Pilots

Again, I don't know if it's the drums, the rhythm, or the lyrics, but this is another song that just gives me really good vibes and would be a phenomenal song in a rom-com. Honestly, 21 Pilots always release great songs, no question about it.

12. “Fresh Eyes” - Andy Grammer

This song makes me think of someone who's absolutely head over heels in love with someone and that person makes them feel like colors seem brighter than usual. I especially love the little guitar part when the lyrics say "If I could bottle this up, I would."

13. “Coffee Cup” - Anthony Lazaro

A gentle and mellow song that I could actually imagine hearing at a coffee shop. Anthony Lazaro's voice is so smooth and I feel like it encompasses the mood of the song so perfectly. This song has been in my playlist for about a year now and every time I hear it I can't help but smile.

14. “Hesitate” - Jonas Brothers

Sometimes, we have so many things we want to say that are so difficult to put into words. This song captures that feeling you get in your chest you get at the most random time of the day with that one person you're beyond grateful for, and how you'd take away any of their pain or discomfort in an instant.

15. “I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You” - Kina Grannis ft. Imaginary Future

Another mellow song, it brings a lot of comfort and warmth. This song makes me think of just enjoying that special person's company and thinking how lucky I'd be to have been on this planet at the same time they're alive.

16. “Honeybee” - The Head and the Heart

The lyrics give me so much to visualize and bring a smile to my face every time I listen to it. This song feels like a love letter for our special person.

17. “Then He Kissed Me” - The Crystals

I originally heard this song in "Adventures in Babysitting" (1987), and I felt like dancing and giving a concert in my bedroom exactly how Elizabeth Shue did in the intro. I had this song stuck in my head for weeks and I knew I had to include it in this playlist. It's an old one, but definitely a good one.

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