It's the end of the semester! (A.K.A. the month that makes you second-guess attending college in the first place.) With assignments, tests, and papers galore, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Take a break from your busy schedule and laugh at these super relatable cats. You won't be disappointed.

1. When someone offers you a meal swipe

2. When your friend asks for some of your late-night study snacks

3. Trying to get caught up on all your assignments

4. Pumping out that 10-page paper in one night

5. When the slap-happy, sleep-deprived state finally hits you

6. When you remember that test you have in five minutes after you fall asleep over your notes

7. Begging your professor to round your C up to an A

8. Trying to enjoy Easter but you know you've got five exams, three papers, and ten assignments due Monday

9. Coffee number ten at 2 a.m.

10. When you go to the tutoring center and know nothing

11. When you see someone walking towards your spot in the library

12. Trying to learn a skill that everyone else learned months ago

13. Trying to fit a whole semester's worth of information into your head in three days

14. Inevitable cry-fests

15. Hiding away to avoid all your responsibilities

16. Brain-dumping everything you studied during your final and hoping for the best

17. Celebrating when the semester is finally over!

Another semester is in the books! Now kick back, relax, and go catch some rays for the next three months. You've earned it!