17 Reason The Bichon Frise Is The Best Dog Breed

17 Reason The Bichon Frise Is The Best Dog Breed

These fluff balls sure know how to work their way into our hearts!

1. Hypo-allergenic

One of the most common problems for dog lovers is that they are allergic or sensitive to many breeds. Luckily, the Bichon has hair, not fur which makes them hypoallergenic.

2. Kid/Family friendly dogs

The Bichon Frise is a playful yet gentle sweetheart, making them the perfect family pet for any age. Kids will pair perfectly with the Bichon Frise no matter how old they grow.

3. Perfect size

These pups are the quintessential lap dogs, and enjoy cuddling and sleeping close by. They are big enough to withstand more aggressive cuddling and kisses, but small enough to pick them up when needed. Furthermore, if you are an avid traveler you will be able to make them a carry on item on the plane!

4. Great dogs for competition

Many Bichon dogs perform well in dog shows. Their posture and fancy fur cut put them a step above the rest. They are confident and attention-loving show dogs that oftentimes take home the first place ribbon!

5. Very people-oriented/ Social

These dogs are especially social creatures. The Bichon Frise gets along with nearly all people and dogs. New guests are welcomed with open paws with a friendly gallop to the door. They will get to know all of your friends and family members personally. As long as you like the person, so will your pooch.

6. Big personalities

Most owners would say that their Bichon pups are extremely human-like. The Bichon Frise loves expressing its emotions and has a certain way about showcasing a sense of individualism! Each pup has a different personality, just like people, and they enjoy sharing that with others.

7. Doesn’t shed

Do you love dogs but dislike the trail of fur many of them leave behind? If so, you’re in luck because the Bichon does not shed due to its short hair. This will make cleanliness fairly simple for your home and guests!

8. Therapy

Bichon Frise’s will sense when you’re sad and cuddle with you, and when you are hurt they will take care of you with kisses. They will relieve stress through soft touch. In addition, Bichon dogs are used in more serious situations as well, providing comfort and healing appropriate for a wide array of medical situations.

9. Protection

These feisty pups will alert you of any outside person or noise. Plus each Bichon comes fully equipped with an automatic mailman detector, so you will always know when your bills have arrived!

10. Loves food

The only thing that Bichon Frise’s love more than people, is food! Begging is an acquired art form. They will do anything for a treat and they know you are a softie for that sweet puppy-dog face!

11. Circus dogs

Bichon dogs are natural born performers. Bichon Frise’s are just as talented in the circus as they are at home. They are often used as circus dogs because they have a deep rooted love of entertainment. Some Bichon dogs live to pull off tricks, jump through hoops, and entertain!

12. Strong-willed

Some may call these fluff balls stubborn. They are independent in their desires. On the plus side, you will explore places you typically would have never walked before.

13. Patient

These dogs know that their humans are worth being patient for. Bichon’s will sit still and willingly allow you to dress them up for fun, or Halloween. They know that you are amused and are willing to put up with the slight inconvenience for your enjoyment. Plus, friends and kids alike will have unforgettable laughs playing dress up with your pup!

14. Expressive

The faces of these dogs tell it all. They are not afraid to show how they are truly feeling at any time. Whether they show a full toothed-smile, or a loud sigh of exhaustion, you can be sure you’ll always know how your pup is feeling.

15. Smart

Who says that an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Bichon dogs of any age can pick up tricks and remember them. They also will master the art of tugging at your heartstrings. (Mostly in order to get food!)

16. Athletic

These dogs love to explore! They will jog, walk, and sniff many new things! Although they appreciate a good nap and are considered non-sporting, Bichon dogs love to frolic and play! The “Bichon Blitz” is a burst of energy that happens when these dogs feel especially excited and ready to play. During this “blitz” you can find them darting across the rooms at high speeds, and hurdling over household items, such as laundry baskets.

17. Best friend

Human relationships are not always meant to be. People will come and go as they please. When you need a forever friend you can always depend on the loyal Bichon Frise. Your furry friend for life.

Cover Image Credit: @bellathebichonfrise

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Cover Image Credit: Fanaru

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100 Phrases You'll Say In Your First Year Of College

6. I want Chipotle so bad.


College is weird. It's a whole new place with all new people and many, many new things. Because of this brand new environment, you'll be saying a lot of things you probably aren't prepared to say now.

1. What is that smell?

2. This textbook is how much?

3. I'm gonna go to the gym every day.

4. Can you send me more money?

5. Oh, you're from [different state/region]? How do you say [controversial word]?

6. I want Chipotle so bad.

7. Wanna go get food?

8. I'm gonna be in this library until 4 am.

9. Do you think I can pull an all-nighter?

10. I am not a lightweight!

11. I've never done this before.

12. I smell weed.

13. Should I wash these sheets?

14. I mean, it's only been, like, a month.

15. Okay, maybe two.

16. I haven't washed my sheets since I moved in.

17. Can I borrow your crop top?

18. We should get fairy lights!

19. Dude, we had homework?

20. Do you think it'll be bad if I washed my whites with the colors?

21. I don't need to study for this exam, it'll be easy.

22. I totally failed that exam.

23. How late is the library open?

24. I don't have any clean underwear.

25. No, I'm not dating him/her.

26. Is it too early to start a wedding Pinterest board?

27. I'm so tired I could die.

28. I stayed up until 6 am for no reason.

29. *insert Mr. Brightside lyrics*

30. Should I get a fake ID?

31. I woke up three minutes before my alarm so now I hate myself.

32. I hate [math/science class].

33. Can I hit your Juul?

34. This will look awesome on a resume.

35. I have to be awake early so can we go to bed soon?

36. What did we do last night?

37. I'm just gonna take a quick nap.

38. We didn't have any more cups so I'm drinking from a bowl.

39. There was so much hair in the shower.

40. There was so much of my hair in the shower.

41. Is that blood?

42. Let's dye my hair.

43. I need more service hours.

44. If I get a 140% on this test, I can maybe pass the class.

45. Wanna take the online final together?

46. I walked out of the door without shoes.

47. I only have 2 meal swipes left!

48. Chipotle is a lot more expensive than I remembered.

49. Just ask for a water cup and fill it with Coke.

50. Should I join this club?

51. Yes, I definitely want to sign up for this mailing list.

52. *incoherent sobbing noises*

53. I've never been so stressed.

54. I didn't have to study in high school.

55. What's the move?

56. Delt is having a big party tonight.

57. Is this dress tight enough?

58. Leggings are pants.

59. This sweater is bigger than four of me but I'm wearing it.

60. Should I be building credit?

61. I need more hangers.

62. Can we go to CVS?

63. Campus parking sucks.

64. I was on my phone for the entire class.

65. I fell asleep in class.

66. I slept through class.

67. I don't remember the last time I went to that lecture.

68. Hi, my name is [name], I'm a first-year, and my major is [major].

69. Haha, 69.

70. I'm technically an adult now.

71. I should get a tattoo.

72. Let's get our noses pierced.

73. I'm gonna fail.

74. I'm gonna drop out.

75. I'm gonna move to Greece and open a hotel with my daughter and three lovers.

76. Which bus stop do we get off at?

77. Are dryer sheets actually necessary?

78. I ran out of shampoo.

79. I miss my pet.

80. That is the most beautiful person I've ever seen.

81. Should I get a Tinder?

82. Can I swipe on your Tinder?

83. Swipe right!

84. Oh, swipe left.

85. Ew, I graduated with them.

86. I think half my graduating class goes to this school.

87. I love my school.

88. I hate this school.

89. Campus food sucks.

90. Awww, look at the touring high schoolers!

91. *calls home for every minor inconvenience*

92. Our team is the best!

93. Our team sucks.

94. We have rugby here?

95. Is this worth the hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt?

96. I wanna study abroad.

97. Study abroad is so expensive.

98. I can't find my student ID!

99. Where are all my pencils?

100. You guys are my best friends.

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