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17 Perfect Moments From 'Jane The Virgin' Real Fans Will Never Forget

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The CW has proved their cinematic genius once again with the creation of "Jane The Virgin." The show has been running for six seasons and has sadly run its course with 100 episodes under its belt.

Jane and her crew have taught me to appreciate family, live life as kindly as possible, go the extra mile for the people you love, and countless other lessons. This show has made me a better person and it's sad to see it come to an end. With that being said, I felt that reminiscing on all of the show's best moments would make me feel a little bit better.

1. When Jane got pregnant.

Obviously, this was the moment that launched the show. An accidental artificial insemination turned Jane's life upside down, but for the better, of course.

2. When Xo and Rogelio got back together.

Jane's parents getting their happily ever after was just what Jane needed.

3. Literally any moment on the porch swing.

The three Villanueva women had their best heart-to-hearts outside on the porch of their Miami home. I always seemed to be crying with them.

4. Petra's character change.

This blonde boss turned her life around and went from being a mean and diabolical woman to friendly, caring, and good-hearted. She and Jane are the sisters they both never had.

5.  The birth of Mateo...and his name.

I couldn't stop bawling when Jane finally gave birth, but what made me sob even more was when she named her son Mateo, which was the name of her late Abuelo. So heartwarming.

6. When Alba got her green card.

Jane's Abuela took her test and finally got her green card, with a little help from Michael. I teared up when they put it on top of their Christmas tree in place of an angel. It was such a blessing.

7. When Jane finally wasn't dubbed "Jane the Virgin" anymore.

After her wedding, and waiting for Michael to recover from getting shot, Jane finally had sex. It took three seasons, but Jane kept her oath to wait until marriage.

8. When Jane and Rafael got back together.

I was always Team Michael. But once he died, then came back from the dead, I grew to love Jane and Rafael's relationship so much. Their little family of three is so sweet.

9. When Jane finally finished her first book.

Writing her first romance novel about her love story with Michael made me tear up. Then again, everything on this show makes me cry. I was so proud of Jane for finally being brave and following her dream of being a writer.

10. Darci giving birth to Rogelio's daughter, Baby.

Raising Baby is great for Rogelio, especially because he always talks about how he missed everything when Jane was growing up, being that he only came into her life when she was 23.

11. Michael is alive.

Sure, he's not with Jane, but it's nice knowing that he's alive and living a fulfilling life out in Montana. I was heartbroken over his death, so I'm glad he's okay.

12. When Petra steals Rafael's sperm sample and inseminates herself.

This show is full of the most ridiculous plot lines, and this one just might be the craziest. Although Petra did this without Raf's permission, the twin girls he got out of it is something I don't think he'd ever complain about.

13. When Michael did his wedding vows in Spanish.


14. When Tyler Posey guest starred.

Posey played Jane's first love, who she reconnects with after Michael's death. He's just so dang adorable.

15. Petra finally gets rid of Milos.

Her ex-husband was part owner of the Marbella and was constantly coming back to hold it over Petra's head. Finally, with the help of her old assistant, Krishna, Petra took back the shares and is now the full owner of the hotel. Girl boss!

16. The narrator.

This show's incredible humor mainly comes from the narrator who gives us the inside scoop. His snarky comments make the show that much better, and I'm curious to find out who it is at the end of this season.

17. The life lessons.

In all seriousness, there are extremely valuable life lessons weaved into this show. It has taught me so much about love, family, and life in general. I wouldn't be who I am without it.

The final season of "Jane the Virgin" premieres on Wednesdays at 9 P.M. on the CW.

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