17 Cute And Tiny Tattoo Ideas For Any Girl's First
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17 Cute And Tiny Tattoo Ideas For Any Girl's First

Cute, meaningful, and easily hidden!


Say I if you love tattoos!! I!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love tattoos. I have six myself, and I don't plan on stopping there. Tattoos are ways to express yourself, but also put something totally meaningful on your body. When I was 17, my parents signed off on my first tattoo. I got the word 'Forever' on my wrist, taken straight from the last birthday card my grandmother gave me before she passed away. Having her handwriting on me makes me insanely happy. Once I turned 18, the game was over. I added 5 new tattoos and became addicted. Some people don't like/want tattoos, and that's totally okay! However, some girls can't decide what they want for their first tattoo. Something meaningful, and most of the time small.

That being said, here are 17 tiny and cute tattoo ideas that any girl could get as their first one:

1. A cross. 

Sometimes seen as cliche, but at the same time cute! I saw this really cute story where a girl got a small cross tattooed on her ring finger. She did it at around 19 or 20 because over time, finger tattoos fade. Why she got it? Because by the time she was getting a wedding ring on that finger, God would have carried her to the next man who will love her and protect her as much. Super cute!

2. A flower. 

Any flower would be adorable! I have a small rose on my right ankle, and I love the way it looks especially in the summertime with a pair of Vans. Pick your favorite flower, add color if you want, and there you go!

3. A shamrock. 

I LOVE this and actually want one for myself. A cute little outline of a shamrock can bring anyone good luck!

4. A cat. 

Ahhh!! This is soooo cute. For any cat lover out there or if you own a cat that means the world to you, this is for you. There are so many varieties and customizations that you can add to this tattoo to make it adorable.

5. A dog paw print. 

For anyone who prefers canines over felines, here we are. A small paw print would look cute anywhere! One of my best friends actually plans on getting her OWN dog's paw print tattooed on her, being that he has been her little partner in crime since she got him. An idea like that is irresistible.

6. A butterfly. 

Butterflies can have so many different meanings for different things. Me personally, when I see a random butterfly, I think of a relative or loved one that is no longer with us. Any meaning would make this a cute tattoo!

7. Coordinates. 

I LOVE THIS!! Especially for Disney. You can make this tattoo as small or as big as you want it, and get coordinates of any place that means the world to you.

8. An airplane. 

Love traveling? This tattoo is perfect for you! A small airplane would look super cute on anyone who is constantly flying from place to place!

9. Anything concerning the galaxy. 

Moons, suns, stars, planets. You can go crazy with this idea!

10. Your zodiac sign. 

If my zodiac sign was more appealing, I'd do this for sure. I've also seen star constellations of the signs as well!

11. A special date. 

The day a loved one passed, the day your child was born, the day you got married, the day something special happened, the options are uncountable. If you want to make it look fancier, you can do roman numerals!

12. Waves. 

Are you a swimmer? A surfer? Do you love the beach? This is perfect for you!

13. A seashell. 

Another for a beach lover!

14. An elephant.

So cute and simple.

15. A word. 

One word tattoos are customizable and unique. Get a meaningful word, a beautiful font, and a cool color!

16. A semicolon. 


Simple tattoo, big meaning. This tattoo is for suicide prevention. It means 'The story is not over yet' pretty much, meaning it did not have to end. It's a sweet tattoo and super easy to have done anywhere!

17. A music note. 

For singers, dancers, and any other musician there is. It's so pretty and you can even get your favorite note done!

Disclaimer: There are a thousand more ideas, but it's amazing if you come up with your own to get tattooed especially your own artwork!

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