16 Thoughts Every News Reporter And Multimedia Journalist Has
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16 Thoughts Every News Reporter And Multimedia Journalist Has

Slowly but surely making our way towards Ron Burgundy status.

16 Thoughts Every News Reporter And Multimedia Journalist Has
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I recently completed my first news reporter package for my broadcast news reporting class. Although I’m not really much of a reporter type, I had a lot fun making the package and was really happy about how it turned out, shooting, editing and writing wise. It also gave me that real world feel of what it’s like to be an actual multimedia journalist (fancy term for TV news reporter), which was pretty cool. If you happen to go to SUNY Oswego or are planning on going and really want to be on-air talent for news, I highly recommend taking Broadcast News Reporting when you become a junior or senior.

Back to my story. After showing my package to our TV station’s assignment editor and one of the nightly news producers, both agreed to air it. I was extremely ecstatic.

FYI, once you graduate college, your first job is not going to be an anchor. You're most likely going to be starting out as a reporter. I know quite a few people and Oswego alumni who started or are starting out as reporters/multimedia journalists for small markets. I'm not much of a reporter, but the best advice I can give is that if you really wanna be a Ron Burgundy someday, start doing reporting packages now. The more packages you do, the more likely you'll have content for an awesome reporter reel.

Being a reporter isn’t easy, though. There’s a lot of work that goes into it, from shooting B-Roll to scheduling interviews to the long and grueling hours of editing the package. In the real world, reporters are often doing multiple packages a day and are put on very strict deadlines. If you don't do it right the first time, your package won't air or, worse, you'll get fired. Reporting is very intense and fast paced, but it's also a lot of fun.

Here are 16 thoughts every news reporter and multimedia journalist has, from the pitch process to the final result.

1. Awesome! My producer/assignment editor/news director approved my amazing story idea!

2. Wait...you want me to go cover what?

3. When the interviewee cancels or when I can’t get a good soundbyte from him or her.....Ugh.

4. Oh no! I forgot to white balance or focus the camera.

5. Ummm...how am I gonna find B-Roll for this story?

6. Hello, random person I’ve never met before. May I get your thoughts on (insert issue here)?

7. Hmmm....can I really trust this source?

8. Well, the mic’s dead.

9. Time to go through my footage and write my script.

10. Oooh! Oooh! I like this sound byte! I like this soundbyte!

11. We are so using this shot.

12. God, my standup looks awful.

13. Must...finish….editing….package…..

14. Maybe I can give this to the editor and he’ll do it while I work on my next story.

15. Oh no! It’s almost 6:00! -continues editing-

16. Wow. I’m really proud of this. I hope my producer/assignment editor/news director likes it.

By the way....if you wanna check out the package I did for my reporting class, click here to watch it.

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