Keeping with the Halloween spirit, this article will highlight some of my favorite creepypasta narrations, specifically from the YouTube user MrCreepyPasta. This list will be in no particular order, as I will be listing them as I think of them.

Get ready to whip out that #shook hashtag as you delve into this list.

1. Borrasca, by CK Walker

This sub 3 hour long narration is about a group of kids who delve into the mystery of disappearing people in the town they live in. This one came out last year around this time, and was divided in 3 segments.

2. Abandoned by Disney, by SlimeBeast

Basically, Disney has done some weird stuff. This is a re-uploaded version of the original, as the original was deleted for some mysterious reason. Spoopyyy. All of this guy's Disney ones are 10/10.

3. Anasi's Goatman Story

A group of kids go camping in a forest, and witness some weird things. Kids get lost and found as the group is harassed by a local monster.

4. Go To Sleep- Jeff The Killer

The original Jeff The Killer narration. A classic in the world of creepy pasta, and a must-listen-to. There have been many sequels, prequels, as well as spin offs of the original story.

5. The Devil Game, by InfernalNightmare333

Hella bueno. How to summon Satan :D

6. How to Play Hide and Seek Alone

Another ritualistic one, which is pretty creepy. How to transfer a spirit into a doll, and have it chase you around your house.

7. The Midnight Game

Ooo girllll. This one plays with anxiety a lot. While some spots are a little cheese, overall, it is glorious. Similar to playing hide and seek alone, but with a strong fear of getting ripped apart.

8. A Favor for a Favor. by Vincent V. Cava

Not spoopy to say, but the story is fantastic. I highly recommend Vincent V. Cava's work.

9. Thumps (Reboot)

I love this one. It is a psychological roller coaster, toying with ideas in psychology such as conditioning. Glorious narration.

10. Laughing in the Dark, by Kiriakos Vilchez

A guy owns a haunted house that is haunted by a strange clown. A man fighting against his own creations.

11. NoEnd House

There is another one very similar to this with more backstory, but I can't quite seem to find it. Anyway, in this one, a kid goes through a "cheesy" haunted house, which turns out to be more than he bargained for.

12. The Cave by Archfeared

Some people go spelunking, and encounter a monster in it. Wonderful ending.

13. Valkyrie, by Kabukikitsune

A wonderful story about a spoopy haunted train. Imagine Thomas the Tank Engine, but with tons of people dying, and nazis.

14. Grad Night at the Haunted Mansion, by CrackedMack

Alright, I may have thrown another Disney themed one in. But hot damn, it's a great one. Kiddos go to Disney, only to sneak off and do their own thing, with bad consequences.

15. The Blue Man

A spoopy character that terrorizes people.

16. The Slenderman - Slenderman is Real

The original Slenderman story. Another classic. Aka Der Ritter, Der Großmann.

17. NES Godzilla

This is a multi-part series. A guy plays an old video game and finds a demon. One of my favorites.

Alright, this list has gone on long enough. I hope you enjoy these spoopy spaghettis. All of these are fantastic stories, despite my purposefully lackluster descriptions.