16 Songs That Turn 10 This Year (And How That Makes You Feel)
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16 Songs That Turn 10 This Year (And How That Makes You Feel)

Time sure does fly by.

16 Songs That Turn 10 This Year (And How That Makes You Feel)

As we ring in a new year it's time to come to terms with the fact that things are changing. Maybe it's not our diets or the amount of times that we go to the gym, but it is the music that we hear and listen to every day. Do you remember the jams of 2006? Do you remember the fashion trends? Maybe we shouldn't think about that, but here's something a little less painful to remember: 16 songs that turn 10 years old in 2016.

1. Daniel Powter -- "Bad Day"

Even if you have absolutely no idea who sings this song, once you see the title "Bad Day" you automatically nod your head to the beat of the snare drums. It really just felt like he cared about our problems, you know?

2. Sean Paul -- "Temperature"

After all these years we still have absolutely no idea what the actual words are to this song. Every single person had a different variation of how this goes and, honestly, looking up the lyrics didn't even help.

3. Shakira feat Wyclef Jean -- "Hips Don't Lie"

It's hard to believe that Shakria's hips have been 100 percent truthful to us for this long and still look that great, even after 2 kids.

4. Justin Timberlake -- "SexyBack"

Many of us missed the announcement that sexy had left, but we had no arguments about Justin Timberlake letting us know that it had once again arrived. Although he's a dad now, he will forever be a heartthrob.

5. Chris Brown -- "Run It!"

Remember that lanky 16 year old kid in oversized shirts belting out tunes and breaking it down? This song was one of the very first introductions that we had to C Breezy and it was a big one. Also, if there is any song that could convince you that you can win a dance battle, regardless of how good you were, this was it.

6. Rihanna -- "SOS"

This was when Rhianna's image was shy and mysterious, but her song made you feel like the most popular girl in school. The beat was catchy, the lyrics were fun, and it was the perfect rhythm to do a fast cat walk strut to whenever you heard it play.

7. Panic! At The Disco -- "I Write Sins Not Tragedies"

All you needed to hear was the first few plucks of strings to know that it was about to go down. Regardless of the type of music that you listened to or the social clique that you identified with, you were 100 percent aware of this song and screamed the lyrics whenever it was on. The only difference now is that you scream those lyrics louder.

8. Fray -- "How to Save a Life"

Does anyone remember him actually listing more than one step, because I only got that we need to talk.

9. Black Eyed Peas -- "Pump It"

Once you heard this intro you knew that you were either listening to the Black Eyed Peas or the climax of a Western and either way you were pumped. It took everything that you had not to run in place and jump around while this song played, but, lets be real, it wasn't like you were putting up much of a fight.

10. Bubba Sparxxx feat. Ying Yang Twins and Mr. Collipark -- "Ms. New Booty"

Remember how this music video was an infomercial about something that you could put on to fill out your donk? It's funny how that is actually a thing now. We were much too young to be listening to this, but the lyrics were simple, the beat was tight, and we wanted a Ms. New Booty too!

11. Nickelback -- "Photograph"

It's funny how this song gets pegged as "white people music," but everyone knows all of the words. The lyrics hit you right in your feelings and the music video made you feel like you were visiting home after a long time away, even if his hair looked like cooked Ramen noodles.

12. Fall Out Boy -- "Dance, Dance"

You're not pop punk unless you live pop punk. This song was perfect for performing concerts with your friends in front of an invisible audience. Also, rumor has it that Kidz Bop tried to cover this song and Pete Wentz said no. He's so hardcore.

13. Beyoncé feat Jay-Z -- "Deja Vu"

This song is proof that love can last forever. If you really listen to the lyrics it's actually kind of sad, but Beyonce is flawless and gives it to us with a dope beat and fab outfits, so there's no gloomy feelings here. She was queen then, she's queen now, and she'll be queen forever.

14. Lil' Jon feat E-40 and Sean Paul of the YoungBloodZ -- "Snap Yo Fingers"

Move over whip and nae nae, there was a time when all the cool kids were snapping their fingers at all of the middle school dances. There were those who knew the general concept and those who committed their entire souls to the moves. You know exactly which one you were.

15. Kelly Clarkson -- "Because of You"

If you felt like belting out your feelings to your bedroom mirror, then you were playing this song. "My heart can't possibly break when it wasn't even whole to start with." I mean, come on!

16. JoJo -- "Too Little Too Late"

This song makes you feel like you were just jaded by a boy, even if that didn't actually happen at all. You felt sassy, you felt strong, and you really wanted her hair extensions (it's okay, you don't have to hide it).

Are you feeling old yet? 10 years have gone by since these were released. You should probably check for grey hairs.

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