16 Signs You're From Burlingame, California

16 Signs You're From Burlingame, California

Here's what you need to know about my hometown.

You may have never heard of Burlingame, California, but there is so much to say about it. From its reputation of a small "rich" city to its local attractions, Burlingame is a beautiful city right outside of San Francisco that deserves to be recognized.

Here are a few signs that you are from Burlingame.

1. You spent your middle school days (and some high school days) on the “Ave.”

The “Ave” is short for Burlingame Avenue, the main street in the city of Burlingame consisting of a strip of stores, salons, and restaurants. For anyone who went to Crocker Middle School or Burlingame Intermediate School, this was and still is the hangout spot for after school hours.

2. You notice that the train station spells Burlingame like “BVRLINGAME.”

I am still not sure for myself why the U is a V in the sign, but for many of us who have grown up in Burlingame, you know you questioned it too.

3. You probably went to BHS, and when you told people they would say “Oh it's all white people there.”

Burlingame High School is one of the many public schools in our area; however, it has the reputation of being “rich” and full of white people.

4. You know that the hidden gem of Burlingame is Nini’s restaurant.

Whether you are going for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, Nini’s would and will always satisfy any cravings.

5. When you ask your parents to go out late and your excuse is “It’s Burlingame, nothing bad is going to happen.”

Burlingame has a reputation of being a very safe city with a low crime rate.

6. Everyone wears Lulu Lemon.

Literally EVERYONE wears lulus. You, your friends, your mom, dad, grandpa, grandpa, everyone.

7. When outsiders ask you where you are from, you’ll probably say San Francisco.

Burlingame, though it's not the smallest city, many outsiders will generally have never heard of it. So when people ask where you are from, you’ll probably say oh 20 minutes outside of San Francisco.

8. We forget that there is a PEZ museum in Burlingame.

It was probably more exciting when we were younger, but we can't forget at the PEZ museum, home of the giant PEZ dispenser.

9. Burlingame: “The city of trees.”

There are a ton of trees in Burlingame. By now residents are just used to it.

10. Coyote Point is the closest thing you will get for a “hike.”

There aren't many places where you can go walk on a trail or see nature in Burlingame. But Coyote Point is good enough!

11. You are used to seeing all the car dealerships.

Why are there so many in Burlingame? I don’t know, but by now seeing “PUTNAM BURLINGAME” or “MIKE HARVEY” is just normal.

12. If you live on the south side of Burlingame, walking through Washington Park was part of your route to get to BHS.

It is the quickest and only short cut.

13. When you were little you probably took swim lessons at the BAC and tennis lessons at the PTC.

Just Burlingame things.

14. You know what an “All City” is and you wish it would burn out of your memory.

An All City is a middle school dance that happened every month, do I need to say more?

15. During high school, days ditching was equal to avoiding golf carts at ALL costs.

Ditching school was nearly impossible since BHS bought so many golf carts for the staff to cover every possible exit off campus.

16. Can’t forget the Royal Donut Shop.

The 24-hour blessing of a donut shop.

Cover Image Credit: http://keefephoto.com/burlingame/

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