16 Relatable Lyrics From Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Album
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16 Relatable Lyrics From Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Album

If these lyrics don't make you say "okay same," then I don't know what's wrong with you

16 Relatable Lyrics From Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Album

Pop princess Ariana Grande wears her heart on her sleeve and her latest album proves nothing less. Written in just over two weeks, "Thank U, Next" explores Grande's raw emotions following a dramatic couple of years: the bombing at her Manchester concert, death of her ex Mac Miller, and a sudden engagement that quickly turned into a messy public split. Grande poured her heart out on this album and below are 16 of the best, almost painfully relatable lyrics from her "Thank U, Next" album.

1. "I'm a girl with / A whole lotta baggage / But I love you / We'll get past this" - Ghostin

2. "Every tear's a rain parade from hell" - Ghostin

3. "Promise me that when you kiss my lips, you'll make it stick / That's the way to shut me up after an argument" - Make Up

4. "If you take too long to hit me back / I can't promise you how I'll react" - Needy

5. "I'm obsessive and I love too hard / Good at overthinkin' with my heart" - Needy

6. "Sorry if I'm up and down a lot / Sorry that I think I'm not enough / And sorry if I say sorry way too much" - Needy

7. "Even though you're bad for me, I know / You're the one that I'm thinkin'" - Bloodline

8. "Love me, thank you, leave me" - Bloodline

9. "You should know I'm temporary" - Bad Idea

10. "If I'm hurt, I ain't gon' lie about it / Arms crossed with the attitude, lips pouted" - Fake Smile

11. "Painted a picture / I thought I knew you well / I got a habit of seeing what isn't there" - In My Head

12. "My imagination's too creative / They see Cain and I see Abel" - In My Head

13. "Wanted you to grow but, boy, you wasn't budding / Everything you are made you everything you aren't / I saw your potential without seeing credentials / Maybe that's the issue / Said, maybe that's the issue / Can't hold that shit against you / Guess I did it to myself, yeah / Thought you were somebody else" - In My Head

14. "Been through some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch / Who would have thought it'd turn me into a savage?" - 7 Rings

15. "Whoever said money can't solve your problems? / Must not have had enough money to solve them / They say, 'Which one?', I say, 'Nah I want all of 'em' / Happiness is the same price as red-bottoms" - 7 Rings

16. "I got so much love / Got so much patience / I've learned from the pain / And turned out amazing" - Thank U, Next

"Thank U, Next" is Grande's most successful album and also her most honest and vulnerable one too. Girls everywhere can relate to her in some way and her fans are eager to see what Grande comes up with next.
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