16 Reasons To Love People

Sometimes we need a reminder that humans aren't only known for making mistakes. These are some of my favorite things about people. Included are a few examples of each one, but know that there are many more.

1. Having love for others

A son with his father, a farmer in Thailand who lost his wife in childbirth. His father gave everything to provide for him.

2. Selflessness

3. Confidence

It's hard to have 100 percent self-acceptance, but I think we're learning.

Some expressions of confidence from the wonderful Christina Yang.

4. Ingenuity

I mean, just look around. Do you ever just wonder how a television works? How you get those text messages on your phone? How people can hear after years of being deaf? How buildings are made? Even how Twinkies are mass produced? You'll soon realize that everything has been engineered by people. Humans. Homo sapiens. It is hard to grasp how the human mind works, but it sure produces amazing things.

(Click the picture for a link to the story.)

5. Creativity

The picture is self-explanatory.

A waterproof tissue?

6. A desire for progression

Whether or not is it finding the cure for cancer to save lives, finding ways to be environmentally friendly, working together with other countries, etc., there is always a push to make something progress.

I have to talk about talent too. People practice hours and hours every day to improve a skill they have until they are just amazing at it. I'm not going to give an example because I think you know your own — someone who's an amazing singer, fantastic artist, great at academia, talented with instruments, excels in athletics, etc.

7. Feeling Welcomed

People can be so great at giving a sense of welcome. When you find those people who are genuine and give you that feeling, it just makes you happy and comfortable. Sometimes feeling welcomed is also accompanied with feeling loved and appreciated. Everyone deserves to feel that.

Sonya Romero took in two of her students as foster children after child protective services showed up to their school.

8. Celebrating Others and Themselves

Happy birthday!

9. Appreciation

I'm a fan of the phrase "Thank you."

10. Sticking up for others

This man was laughed at for dancing, and someone had the audacity to keep shaming him by making fun of him online.

Luckily, there were people looking out for him. There was an online search to find the #dancingman. He was found.

And they threw him a huge dance party just for him!

11. Motivation/ Dedication

People can do just about anything with motivation. I mean, we can't teleport yet, but you just watch.

(Click the picture for a link to the story.)

12. Giving to others, no matter how much

There are so many people in this world who need just that extra bit of support, or much more to help them live a life where they can let their potential shine. Be someone who helped— not just someone who watched another person help.

This is just one example of giving. The teacher in the following video won $150,000 and donated it all back to her school.

13. Being Considerate

Looking out for others, keeping them in mind, listening to understand, and making sure they're OK.

14. Smiling & Laughter

Also self explanatory. Happiness is contagious. And a universal language.

15. Feeeeeeeeeeelings

Excitement and happiness for others, love for others, love for yourself or a character in a show. Even sadness. We are able to feel emotions so deeply; I can't explain how that makes me feel, but I just know that I appreciate it.

Below is a compilation of pregnancy announcements. AKA a video of happy emotions and excitement.

16. Effort

You know that quote about everyone in life having their own struggles? It's true. But is everyone in life sitting around, letting their struggles overtake them? No. Absolutely not.

The following video is about Kayla Montgomery, diagnosed with MS, becoming one of the best distance runners in the country.

What do you love about people?

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