I'll start off by saying that I by no means know if any of these are 100-percent true. Some are self explanatory, but some could be wrong. I'll have my beliefs and you'll have yours, but you can't deny that all of these will get you thinking. It might even get you mad enough that you'll want to do something about it, and all I have to say to that is–good! It's time for a change.

So now, without further ado, here are the 16 pictures that will make you realize how messed up the world is.

1. We're not the only ones on this planet.

2. Give 'em hell, kids.

3. We're what?

4. The Government seems to have a theme with this one.

5. 100 billion dollars a year corporation, yet no cure? Yeah... Okay.

6. Eating healthier = More money?

7. Throw people in jail instead of teaching them. Because that makes sense.

8. Are. You. Serious.

9. This one is unfortunately very true. (Via an ex-Electronic Media Emphasis)

10. Our education system is SO messed up... S.N.S.

11. Oh, so you got more funding from our test scores? Great, I'm glad. But, what is that teaching me?

12. Not a future anyone wants but, unfortunately, everyone seems to have.

13. Because this makes sense.

14. This too.

15. It's messed up, ain't it?

16. And, the biggest lie of them all: "I am free."

While we are more free than many other countries, which I am thankful for, we are nowhere near as free as everyone thinks, and that makes my skin crawl.

Again, you can take this article however you'd like, not everyone thinks the same as I do, and I understand that. But, you can't deny that this world is a tad bit messed up and it's only getting worse.

All in all, of course there is a lot of good in this world, but even with all that good, the bad shines so, so bright and with that brightness it sometimes gets hard to see the good.