16 Of My Favorite Worship Songs
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16 Of My Favorite Worship Songs

Don't judge me for loving Bethel Music.


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Since Easter, I've been thinking about how thankful I am to be able to attend my church. Not only have I been going there since I was ten or eleven, but I have also been blessed to continue worshiping there through my college years. I'm so fortunate to go there, but I'm also extremely fortunate to be on the worship team as well! If you'd like to listen to any of these songs, just click on the artist's name!

1. "For the Cross"

By Bethel Music

2. "Strong God"

By Meredith Andrews

3. "Taste of Eternity"

By Bellarive

4. "Out of Hiding"

By Steffany Gretzinger

5. "You Make Me Brave"

By Bethel Music

6. "This is Amazing Grace"

By Phil Wickham

7. "Arise"

By Don Moen

8. "Gracious Tempest"

By Hillsong Young & Free

9. "Your Love Awakens Me"

By Phil Wickham

10. "I Will Follow"

By Vertical Worship

11. "What a Friend"

By Matt Maher

12. "It Is Well"

By Bethel Music

13. "What A Beautiful Name"

By Hillsong Worship

14. "Spirit of the Living God"

By Vertical Worship

15. "Jesus Saves"

By Jeremy Camp

16. "Ain't No Grave"

By Bethel Music

I'm sure it's no secret that I love Bethel Music, but their songs are just so good! They don't feel surface-y like some others that I've heard before do. My absolute favorite has to be "It Is Well" though. That song has carried me through so many of my life's trials. Being on worship team has taught me a lot about who I am, what kinds of music I like, and why my ability to sing is my form of praise to God. The worship team has taught me most of the songs on this list, which is why they're my favorites! If you haven't heard any of these songs, I suggest you take a look at them!

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