16 Things That Are Must Haves For College Freshmen

Before I started college, I was the girl that printed off every single "packing" list possible in order to be prepared for my new life away from home, but when I actually started living life as a college student, I realized I had overlooked some of the small things that were actually really important to have.

To make sure you don't do the same thing as me, I made a list that can really come in handy!

Here are 16 things you really DO need as a college freshman.

1. Earphones.

Try to invest in a nice pair that blocks out surrounding noises. These will come in handy when you're walking to class, or when those two girls sitting beside you in the library won't stop talking.

2. Rain Boots.

There are about a thousand mud puddles on campus after it rains, and whether or not you feel silly wearing big, clunky rainboots, these are a must!

3. A Light Jacket.

Sometimes you just need a thin extra layer for when it's really chilly in that one class.

4. A Pair of Tennis Shoes.

You'll be walking A LOT, so try to invest in a good, sturdy pair that will keep your feet from getting sore.

5. A Watch.

Some professors don't like the use of smartwatches, ESPECIALLY during tests, so go pick up a cheap, traditional one at almost any store.

6. A USB Power Strip.

It's like a regular power strip, except you can just plug your USB cables right in. Pretty nifty!

7. Portable Power Bank.

For those days that you don't make it to a real phone charger until the wee hours of the morning.

8. Protective Laptop Cover.

Trust me on this. You'll spill your coffee or drop your laptop at some point.

9. A Water Bottle With Built-In Filter.

Sink water is gross, but buying a new pack of water every week can get expensive.

10. Wallet Phone Case.

This makes having to whip out your Student ID several times a day a little bit more convenient.

11. A Printer.

I know printers can get a little pricey, but the $50 ones work just as good as the $100 ones, and you'll be glad you invested in this when the library computer is out of ink.

12. Oil Diffuser.

If you live in a dorm,

If you live in a dorm or any other confined space, Febreze won't cut it. Oil diffusers keep your living space smelling fresh all day, and the oils help improve your sleep, focus, and overall mood.

13. Air Filter.

No matter where you live, ESPECIALLY if it's a dorm, an air filter will get rid of the excess dust and potential germs in your room so you can stay healthy.

14. Miscellaneous Bag.

I can't give you an exact reason for why you need this. You'll use it though, I swear.

15. Quarters.

For LAUNDRY! And vending machines, obviously.


I can't stress this to you enough. You think you were busy in high school? Just wait!

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