16 Apologies To My Boyfriend

I know it's not easy living with me as your girlfriend. Although most of the time I'm awesome and you feel #blessed to have me, there are obviously a few things I could work on.

1. I'm sorry that I can never pick a restaurant... or movie... or date.

2. I'm sorry for eating all of your food.

3. I'm sorry that my hair is constantly in your face, your belongings, or just in your way.

4. I'm sorry for sending you so many screenshots and memes

5. I'm sorry that I never shave my legs.

6. I'm sorry for stealing your clothes.

7. I'm sorry for getting mad when you hang out with your friends instead of me.

8. I'm sorry that I love expensive dates.

9. I'm sorry that I only want to see rom-coms and musicals when we go to the movies.

10. I'm sorry for sending you endless Snapchats that are clearly filtered to make me look cuter.

11. I'm sorry for taking so many selfies of us. Like way too many. And posting them all.

12. I'm sorry that I know nothing about sports. Or cars.

13. I'm sorry that I fall asleep 75% of the time when we hang out.

14. I'm sorry for needing constant reassurance that you still like me.

15. I'm sorry for acting jealous when you're around girls.

16. I'm NOT sorry for loving you more than anything.

Thank you for accepting me despite my *flaws*. You're the real MVP.
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