15 Weird Things I’ve Learned To Do Well In Virtual College
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15 Weird Things I’ve Learned To Do Well In Virtual College

It do be difficult tho.

15 Weird Things I’ve Learned To Do Well In Virtual College

Here are 15 tips to ace these virtual classes! :)

1. Set time limits on social media. TikTok is addicting, but I've found that if I don't go on my phone during the day for social media, I end up getting a lot more stuff done. I have a 2-hour time limit of TikTok and I think I break it every night, but I've gotten my work done for the next day, so I'm a little more relaxed.

2. Take time-lapses of your studying. All my friends and I do this. It forces you to stay off your phone and just work. It's also really fun to watch it back and see the progress you've made.

3. Schedule in time for lunch, exercise, time outside, and for errands. Pretty self-explanatory.

4. Have a set morning routine or ritual. Mine is taking a shower before my classes and grabbing iced coffee from my fridge. It puts you in the right mood to do some work.

5. Be flexible with your schedule. I don't plan everything down to the minute or even the hour. I have a to-do list for the day and I complete the tasks during the day, not at set times. I prioritize based on what assignment is due the soonest and work from there.

6. Work when you feel the best. Whether that be in the morning or late at night, find when your energy is high and knock out a bunch of assignments. For me, I have such a hard time working in the afternoon, right after lunch. So, I usually go on YouTube, watch TV, or read a book until I get the motivation to get up.

7. In class, turn on your camera (if you can) and actually answer questions. Professors want to know when you're engaged and you show them that you care, it reflects well on you, your grade, and potential recommendations. If you can't turn on your camera, maybe make an extra effort to answer questions.

8. Find 1 person in each of your classes to swap contact information with. Again, self-explanatory.

9. Go to office hours at least once, it can be for a dumb question. Just get in there and show your face.

10. Work on papers a few days before they're due; like at least just put the heading and the title. I usually do that, just so I can say that I made the document and put some thought into it.

11. If you're learning a language, keep a diary to write entries using your target language.

12. Use Pinterest and Tumblr for study inspiration. Sometimes it just takes an aesthetic layout to get started.

13. Do a digital declutter and a physical declutter once a week. Delete old pictures, assignments, files, and organize that desktop. Clean your room. Dust that furniture. Tackle all the clothes on "The Chair." Vacuum all the hair off the floor.

14. Have something to look forward to each week. Whether it's a Netflix movie, dinner with friends, or a hike, find something that will get you through the week. Your assignments don't look as bad if there's Thai food waiting for you at the end of them.

15. Take time to reflect and center yourself. Remind yourself why you're at college. What you want to accomplish. What you see your future as. Show gratitude to yourself. This can be super simple: like every morning before you open your laptop, you say "I've got this". Positive self-talk will boost your confidence and mood.

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