Recently after binge watching "Gilmore Girls," I have come to realize I can see myself and my mom in Loreali & Rory's shoes more than I thought. While I have always loved my mom dearly, I have come to realize how special I am to also have her as my best friend. If you are able to have a good friendship with your mom, you are more lucky than you think! The following are signs that your mom is one of your best friends, maybe even number one on the list.

1. She is always there when you need her.

2. She gives great advice.

3. She is always on your side.

4. You tell her all the daily gossip and news.

5. You take each other's clothes, accessories, and shoes.

6. You ask her for fashion advice.

7. She tells you when you look or act ridiculous.

8. You constantly text each other.

9. She hates the same people that you do.

10. She is your go to shopping girl.

11. She is your workout partner.

12. She never turns down a junk food feast.

13. She's always down for a movie night.

14. She goes along with all your crazy ideas.

15. Selfies are taken on nearly all occasions.