15 Ways To Tell You're A Real Thanksgiving Enthusiast
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15 Ways To Tell You're A Real Thanksgiving Enthusiast

15 Ways To Tell You're A Real Thanksgiving Enthusiast

As the Halloween festivities come to an end and those creative front porch Jack-O-Lanterns slowly turn into mush, most of the population is decked in Santa hats armed and ready to throw icicle lights on their gutters; but not us, the loyal Thanksgiving lovers. We always remember that there’s an actual month between October and December, and you bet your butts we are as prepared as ever. If you come from a family of Thanksgiving enthusiasts like me, you’re probably extremely offended that anyone could skip over this glorious holiday. I’d like to credit most of my Thanksgiving spirit to my grandma, who starts her turkey day preparations in August. But even she serves the bird on our embellished Christmas tree china. Convincing others to love the last day in November as much as you is never easy, but hopefully the reasons below will help your valiant cause. So persuade your neighbors to save those lights for December, break out your favorite pair of fat pants, and enjoy your well-deserved day of pigging out.

1. It’s a judge-free holiday dedicated to eating as much as physically possible.

What’s not to love? So grab plate number four, load on the gravy and don't forget to save room for six helpings of dessert because calories don’t count on Thanksgiving.

2.You live for the leftovers.

Turkey soup? Bring it on. You don't even mind turkey sandwiches a week later. Bask in the glory that was, and is, the best meal of the year.

3. You’re always the first to remind people that there is in fact an entire month between October and December.

So, squeeze a ravishing cornucopia between those pumpkins and snowflakes on your calendar because November is a whole 30 days of dreaming about turkey.

4. "Thanksgiving Song"

To you, Adam Sandler's, “Thanksgiving Song” is legendary enough to be your ringtone 365 days a year. You have every lyric engraved in your memory, and you jam out when your local radio station finally starts playing it again.

5. You get genuinely offended when you hear Christmas music on the radio in November.

You’ve adapted to know a holiday tune by the first beat, and you have record-breaking station-changing speed.

6. Presidential Turkey.

You have a great deal of respect for the President after the presidential turkey pardon. That’s one lucky bird.

7. To you, there's nothing better than a good old-fashioned game of backyard family football.

But if you aren't gifted with athleticism or hand-eye coordination, you can watch peacefully from the sidelines and laugh at that one cousin that thinks he plays professionally.

8. Seeing holiday decorations in department stores before December makes you physically ill.

So grab a barf bag before trucking through your local malls, because you definitely don’t want to take a picture with Santa.

9. You think that “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” is one of the top 10 best films.

Not to mention it slaps you with childhood nostalgia. You never change the channel when it’s on, and you still laugh every time.

10. You never skip watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

Every second of it is pure gold. If it were physically possible to stand on the streets of New York, cheer for the Snoopy balloon, and eat a plate of mashed potatoes at the same time, you definitely would.

11. Harry. Potter. Marathon.

Thanksgiving is yet another excuse for ABC to have a Harry Potter marathon. Not that you really needed another reason to watch Harry Potter, but now you have one. So watch one, or if you're a super-fan, watch all eight while eating some of those leftovers.

12. Your mom probably still takes out the handprint turkey painting you made in kindergarten.

You don't really mind though, because you're basically Picasso.

13. You love that Thanksgiving is the most nap-friendly holiday of the year.

It’s not about going to sleep and waiting for Santa or the Easter Bunny. It’s about eating an entire plate of turkey and passing out on the living room sofa. A true form of art.

14. Four-day weekend.

Whenever anyone needs convincing on why to love Thanksgiving, you tell them it's four whole days off from school or work. Thursday through Sunday, you get a wonderful break from whatever stressful events you had to endure throughout Wednesday—enjoyment for everyone.

15. More than just a feast.

Best of all, it’s a day to catch up with family members you didn’t see over the long summer break. So pull up a chair, pile a plate two feet high, and enjoy the wonderful conversation, but not too much because you’ll hear all of the same stories again on Christmas.

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