15 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Better in No Time

15 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Better in No Time

In times of distress, follow these tips.


Feeling down in the dumps? Rather than sit in the slumps all day long, you need to make yourself feel better.

Wondering how to do that? There's a few ways we'll go over that'll have you feeling better in no time. Take a look!

Practice Breathing Exercises

When times seem tough or you just can't catch your breath, the simplest techniques are the ones that focus on your breathing. If you've never done this before, don't worry as it isn't difficult.

For starters, you'll want to try and separate yourself from whatever is making you stressed out. If you're out in public, head to the bathroom or practice breathing when you're sitting in your car, ready to go home.

Once you're in the clear, get comfortable. If possible, lie down on your back or relax your head, shoulders, and neck against the back of a chair.

Breathing in through your nose, you should feel your stomach fill with air. Once it feels full, go ahead and breathe out through your nose.

Place one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. As you breathe in and out, you should feel your stomach rise and fall. Continue deep breathing for three more times or until you feel stress-free.

The point of this exercise is to focus your breath so that you feel calmer. Being in control of your breath is one simple way to release stress without requiring too much effort and can be done anywhere.

Write Down What You’re Grateful For

Times of stress can leave us feeling hopeless. We might even take the little things for granted, especially when nothing seems to go right.

So you don't forget the important things in life, write down what you're grateful for. This could family members, the invention of good, binge-worthy TV, a furry friend, even your good health. It doesn't have to be anything major, just anything that brings a smile to your face.

You can write this down in a journal or on a small piece of paper to keep in your wallet or somewhere you can easily access it.

Watch Funny Animal Video Compilations

Sometimes, you just need a good laugh to feel better. And what's funnier and cuter than animals up to no good? Nothing!

YouTube is your number one destination for all things laughable. Whether you watch one video or hundreds, there's no way you can't feel better watching adorable animals do adorable things.

Read a Book

TV and social media are good when taken in small doses. Too much of either can leave you feeling down, especially if it has anything to do with current events or negative gossip.

Instead of focusing on what's happening in the virtual world, unplug and reach for a book instead. It doesn't have to be fictional, just pick a subject you'll want to read.

There's no point in reading if you'll end up being bored. Reading autobiographies on your favorite actors or musicians can give you a new insight to life. Non-fiction books can teach you a thing or two about the world around you.

Even staring at the pages of an artwork can have you feeling inspired again.

Release Grief

Did a loved one pass away? Overwhelming feelings and emotions bring themselves to the surface during those times. If you don't take notice of them and let yourself grieve, you'll be stuck in a vicious cycle.

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a great way to confront those difficult feelings and to release grief. A practitioner recounts her experience when she helped a client release their grief.

Get Moving

Sometimes the best way to feel better is to put your body in motion. It doesn't have to be a hefty exercise, even walking can make you more happy.

Get out in the fresh air, take a hike or a simple bike ride. You don't need to round up friends or family, being by yourself will help you think clearer and organize your thoughts.

If none of these options sound appealing, try joining a club for sports. There's plenty of teams out there (yes, for adults) that compete in sports for fun. Whether it's soccer or baseball, try what sounds best to you.

Host a Sleepover

Relive your childhood by inviting all your closest friends for a good 'ol fashion sleepover! But make one rule: no phones.

It'll be a lot more enjoyable when everyone is present and in the moment. Not everything needs to be plastered all over Instagram. Focus on making memories you'll actually remember instead of focusing on making sure the lighting's right.

Clean and Organize Your Bedroom

The bedroom is an intimate space because it's where we go to unwind. Clutter, dirt, and dust can keep us up at night if we don't properly clean it.

Break out the sponges, mop (or vacuum if you have carpet), disinfecting spray, and feather dusters for an ultimate deep clean. While cleaning may not be at the top of everyone's radar, it also gives you time to think about what's been bothering you. As you're cleaning your bedroom, think of it as cleaning your negative thoughts as well.

Sing Like No One’s Listening

When you finally get time to yourself, turn up the tunes and sing to your heart's content. Playing music that goes along with how you're feeling can be the perfect way to let go of those pent-up thoughts and feelings.

If you feel up to it as well, dance like no one's watching too!

Head to Your Local Animal Shelter

No, this doesn't mean you have to adopt a new furry friend. Spending time at your local animal shelter, however, can give you a different outlook on life, especially what's going on in yours.

Petting cats or dogs, even bunnies can lower blood pressure and put you in a better mood. Not only that but while the animals are helping to make you feel better, you're doing the same for them.

Change Your Routine

Even the smallest change to your routine can make you feel better. We get so stuck in the same day-in and day-out schedule that it can leave us in a rut.

If you take showers in the morning, try switching them to nighttime. Or instead of a shower, opt for a bath. You can customize it with fizzy bath bombs, bath salts, even add a scented candle or two.

If you work a schedule that's the same hours every day, you could treat yourself to a nice coffee or donut in the morning before driving to your workplace. During lunch, try sitting with someone you haven't interacted with much.

Reflect on Accomplishments

Whether it's at work or school that you feel like you aren't progressing, reflect on all your accomplishments. You can easily amaze yourself by remembering all the hard work and awards you achieved throughout your lifetime.

It doesn't have to be recent either. It can be the time you built the most awesome-looking robot for science class or the time you got perfect attendance for your first job.

Stay positive and look forward to the future. There's no point in bringing yourself down with everything you haven't accomplished.

Forgive Yourself

We can easily forgive others but when it comes to forgiving ourselves, it's nearly impossible. We constantly beat ourselves up for things that happened in the past.

Dwelling on what has gone and passed does us no good. But yet, we still do it.

That said, it's finally time to forgive yourself. Realize that some things are just out of your control and what you did in that situation is what happened. You can't change what happened but what you can do is work towards the future and make amends with anyone you hurt.

Indulge in a Favorite Treat

Love chocolate? How about apple pie? No matter what treat you favor the most, remember to indulge from time to time.

When you achieved a great accomplishment or you just want something to cheer you up, reach for that treat. It's that one thing we can claim for ourselves that'll bring our mood up. And sometimes, chocolate is the answer to feeling better.

Remember to Say No

We easily feel overwhelmed when there's too much on our plates. We think of turning down plans with friends or family but then we do it anyway to avoid the guilt that comes along with saying no.

Well, it's time to put that word back into your vocabulary. To prevent burn out, know that it's okay to turn down plans or invitations. You don't have to do everything that comes your way.

Remember to take time to focus on yourself. Letting people down is a part of life. You can always make it up to them later.

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The Burning Of Notre Dame Has Actually Strengthened My Catholic Faith

Corinthians 5:17 says, "Old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new."


Every year, Palm Sunday is the start of Holy Week in the Christian faith. As the most sacred time of the year, those who believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins hold these days dear in our hearts. 2019's Palm Sunday, however, is now held in infamy. The very next day, the precious Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris started to burn.

As the world now knows, the famed and historic Notre-Dame de Paris was spontaneously engulfed in flames on April 15, 2019. The cause has not yet been identified precisely but is most likely due to complications during the $6.8 million renovations the cathedral is currently under. Completed back in 1345, the nearly 800-year-old church has withstood the test of time relatively well.

Until now.

The modern world watched as one of the biggest treasures of the past burned away before our eyes, Twitter even erupted in an unprecedented coverage of this world-wide tragedy as many took to social media to pour their condolences and share memories of this French icon. Religion, race and personal beliefs aside, the world collectively grieved and lent support.

While this is truly a loss on a global scale, the blow comes as a particularly harsh one to the Catholic community after a particularly difficult season of Lent. From the Pope addressing allegations of sexual assault, to backlash over the controversial theatrical release of the film "Unplanned", this latest development seemed like a cruel joke in the days leading up to Easter Sunday. I myself felt affected by this fire hundred of thousand miles away in North Carolina. One of our most beloved holy churches was ebbing away in front of us and all God could do was watch.

However, despite all that, we must look forward.

Despite much of the church being reduced to ash, some of the priceless artifacts and objects that were hidden away in the cathedral have been able to survive the ordeal; such as the crown of thorns, numerous pieces of art, the rose windows, the altar cross shown above and the iconic bells of Notre Dame. Once news of this broke out, I was strengthed to my core knowing God was indeed there.

It seems like such an oxymoron to see such a tragedy as a sign of hope, yet the Bible itself is full of those. The 7 plagues that tormented Eygpt, the Great Flood, and even the death of Christ as examples.

As children of Christ, we are told at a very young age to never question his plan. He is all knowing and has a way of making everything fall into place. God sensed that Catholics were in the midst of a troubling time and brought us this opportunity of a new beginning. The burning taking place during Holy Week can also be taken as perfect timing.

The whole premise of this week revolves around the death of Jesus at the hands of Pontius Pilate, yet miraculously returned three days later before joining Our Father in Heaven, the cathedral can very well do the same and return better than before.

It is a devastating loss but already we are seeing evidence of joyous aftermath. As I noted before, people from all walks of life are offering support and condolences to a faith they were scorning just a week prior. Priceless artifacts have miraculously been recovered and plans for rebuilding have already started. This is a sign of a new beginning, that God is backing us through it all.

Do not question His plan, just have faith. The rest will fall into place.

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