Stress. Sometimes it just gets the best of you. School, work, and even daily life can become far too busy and seem like they will never calm down. Peaceful forms of stress reduction don't always work for everyone. If you're someone who can't stand to do yoga or meditation, stick with me. When you're down and out and don't know what to do, try these 15 methods of stress reduction.

1. Eat a gallon of ice cream

2. Order greasy take-out

3. Run (to the fridge)

4. Scream into your pillow

5. Listen to head-bangin' music

6. Go outside and find as many dogs as possible

7. Punch things (soft things - getting hurt just adds to the stress)

8. Feverishly dance to old hip-hop music

9. Go to a psychic (maybe stress isn't in your future?)

10. Make whale noises while lying on the ground

11. Rap your feelings out

12. Watch sappy romance movies to let those tears out

13. Beat your chest like Tarzan (because when doesn't that help?!)

14. See how long you can hold your breath for (relieves the tension?) - Please continue to breath though

15. Nap until it's bed time