15 Ways That Bullet Journals Can Help You Get Your Sh*t Together
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15 Ways That Bullet Journals Can Help You Get Your Sh*t Together

2018 has got nothing on you.

15 Ways That Bullet Journals Can Help You Get Your Sh*t Together

As we begin a new year, it's time to restart and reorganize. It's time to write down your goals and stick to them. As someone who's a big fan of organization (catch me with a color-coded g-cal, an abundance of post-its, and my homework schedule planned out for the entire semester), I have recently become quite intrigued with bullet journals. I know, I'm a little late to the trend. I switched so much of my organization over to a digital format, but I have to admit, there's something nice about physically writing down your calendar and to-do list. Bullet journals seem to be the perfect way to stay organized, be creative, and perhaps most importantly, just look like you have your sh*t together.

So, as you prepare for a fresh start in the new year, here is some bullet journal inspiration that you can use to show 2018 what you've got.

1. To plan out your morning routine...

Good days start with good mornings. Start your day off strong by following a calming routine to get yourself in the right headspace for the day. And remember your routine by putting it in your bullet journal!

2. When it comes to your to-do list, organize it by category...

3. Or organize it by day.

Choose your style based on how your mind works!

4. You might even want to do a separate to-do list for your homework.

Work on a little each day so that you're not stressing Sunday night!

5. Making a key for your to-do list can only make your more organized!

6. New Year's resolutions are great, but monthly goals may be more realistic!

7. What better way to track those goals than with a habit tracker?

So you can really see your progress.

8. For those of your trying to budget, an expense tracker can be super helpful.

9. If you're saving up for something big, keep track of that too!

Watch your savings grow!

10. Stay organized and save time by planning out your meal prep!

11. Keep clean with an annual cleaning schedule.

How else are you going to remember to rotate your mattress?

12. Never forget birthdays with this super cute design.

Because if Aunt Betty doesn't have a Facebook, how are you going to remember her birthday?

13. Keep track of your travel as well!

14. If you set reading goals, write them to down to hold yourself to them!

Plus, I love the goal of reading for fun and reading for growth.

15. Or maybe your Netflix goals?

16. And at the end of each month, take some time to reflect!

Learn what to improve, what to continue, and watch your life get so much more enjoyable!

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