15 Weirdest Celebrity Baby Names You Won't Believe Exist

Everyone is obsessed with celebrities so it is not a surprise when people get obsessed with their children as well. Celebrities are known for naming their kids with some "interesting" names. Honestly, I cannot tell who named their child with the weirdest name because there are a lot of them. So here is a list of the 15 weirdest celebrity baby names along with the parents that gave them these "unique" names!

1. North West

I think we all know who the parents are here but in case you have been living under a rock for a little over three years the parents of this celeb child are Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West.

2. Blue Ivy

The parents of this kid are also mega-superstars: Beyonce and Jay-Z.

3. Apple

The parents of Apple are none other than Coldplay's Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow.

4. Rainbow Aurora

You might recognize the name of one of Rainbow's parents, especially since she used to be Hue Hefner's girlfriend. Rainbow's famous parent is mom Holly Madison.

5. Audio Science

Audio's mother gave her this unique name and her mother is Shannyn Sossamon.

6. Ode Mountain

Ode's parents are actress Jena Malone from The Hunger Games and photographer Ethan DeLorenzo.

7. Rocket Zot

Sam Worthington and his wife Lara are the proud parents of Rocket. Sam was in the movie Avatar.

8. Sno FilmOn Dot Com Cozart

Son's dad goes by a few names. One of them is Chief Keef. However, Chief Keef also goes by the name Kieth Cozart. This name is a tribute to one of his albums so personally, I feel bad for this kid.

9. Blue Angel

Blue Angel is the child of U2's The Edge and his wife Aislinn O'Sullivan. Isn't Blue Angel an ice cream brand or the name of an ice cream flavor?

10. Bluebell Madonna

Bluebell's mother wants to pay homage to flowers and music so this is the perfect name for that. Did I mention that Bluebell's mother is Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls?

11. Satchel

Satchel is the child of Spike Lee and his wife Tonya Lewis Lee.

12. Jermajesty

I think the name of the parents will tell you why this child has the name she has. The parents are Jermaine Jackson and Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza.

13. Kal-El

Nicholas Cage is paying homage to Superman by naming his son after the first name of the Man of Steel.

14. Moxie CrimeFighter

Moxie is the daughter of Penn Jillette. She also has a brother named Zolten.

15. Kyd

Kyd is the son of David Duchovny and Tea Leoni. This name might be a little strange but it honestly is kind of a cool name!

All information comes from www.sheknows.com

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