15 Truths Former Bullpups Know
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15 Truths Former Bullpups Know

"Hail McPherson High School, hats off to you..."

15 Truths Former Bullpups Know
Ashley Venable

If you attended McPherson High School, you know how special the experience of being a Bullpup is. To jog your memory, here is a (certainly not exhaustive) list of 15 MHS realities from more recent history.

1. "Happs"

Half-price apps at Applebee's were the ultimate go-to evening hangout.

2. Senior Parade

Your class wasn't cool unless you had a ridiculous display of farm vehicles, boats, skateboards, and other street illegal things leading the way to graduation practice.

3. Parking Lot Classification

The parking lot you parked in and which spot you chose said quite a bit about you and your people.

4. The Roundhouse

The surplus of banners adorning the ceiling and photos on the Wall of Fame during your PE class laps, knowing there was in fact a pterodactyl hiding in the scoreboard, and having a lot of questions the day an illuminated sign was put up leading from the AC to The Roundhouse provided ample entertainment.


The only reason anyone takes AP World History is to get called a chipmunk and/or squirrel on a daily basis...and maybe for the AP credit that was extremely possible after having such a valuable teacher.

6. Early Out Tuesdays

You treasured the 2:30 dismissal on Tuesday afternoons and made sure you had no makeup work hindering your freedom.

7. All School's Day

One of the best days in McPherson County is no doubt All School's Day. No school, a parade, the carnival...what could be better?

8. Student Section/Pep Band



Your class was determined to win the screaming pep-rally battle, regardless of your size, and you were probably always blown away by the power in the English Teacher/Yell Leader's voice.

10. Ever Evolving Arts

You were consistently impressed with the quality of every music concert and theater performance you attended. (And your favorite show was probably the choir's annual Pop-Show.)

11. Open Lunch Rumors

The year wasn't complete without rumors swirling around about the demise of open lunch.

12. Giant Cookies

School lunches were 10x better when supplemented with a giant, half baked cookie from the a la carte line.

13. Tournament Dress Up

Aside from early release, the basketball invitational was great for dressing up like your favorite coach or in a fake toga.

14. Hexagons

It was hard to go a week without talking about the fact that everything in the school was built around hexagons.

15. Cold Classrooms

Whatever the season, you could always count on your classroom to feel just like a winter wonderland.

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