10 Tips For High School Seniors
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Student Life

10 Tips For High School Seniors

Things that every senior should know before leaving high school.

10 Tips For High School Seniors

Senior year is full of ups and downs, but hopefully looking back on it now, it wasn't all too bad. There was the beginning of the year when everyone is excited to be the "top dogs" and it never seemed like you would make it this far. Then came college applications and essays that stressed you out to the max, trust me that wasn't even the beginning of your stress. Next was Prom and dancing to your favorite song with your best friends. Finally you have college decision day and graduation, when you are hopeful you'll make everyone proud and not fall off stage. Here are some tips to keep senior year a memorable one.

1. Right Now Counts

Even though you're about to make the biggest decision of your life, you owe it to yourself and your hard work to have fun right now. Don't just blow off friends and events because you have to focus on you college choices, you will have plenty of time in college to figure life out. Just take it one day at a time.

2. It Will All Make Sense Soon

Trust me when I say that the jumbled mess in your head will clearly make a path for you. Things always happen for a reason and you shouldn't be afraid of following your gut. Financial aid was by far the most confusing task, but once I asked questions and started attempting scholarships, it was so much easier. The best thing to do is ask your advisers and counselors, they have been asked all types of questions. This is a big step and you can't hid in uncertainty.

3. Believe In Yourself

This should always be your priority senior year. Its not making your family happy, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your friends; just YOU. You will be the one in the class, and you will be the one making memories next year. Follow your gut on decision day and don't let people tell you you can't because you have already made it this far, and you got in, right? So why not try? If you fall on your butt, then its just another one of life's learning moments.

4. Look for Scholarships

Scholarships are going to save you from emotional and financial breakdowns. Ask an adviser from your college about any scholarships the university may offer students that are similar to you. There are tons of online scholarships that can range anywhere from just an email, to a five page paper on yourself. If you really do your research it will pay off.

5. Visit Campuses

Visiting a college campus will open up your mind to what it feels like to be a student there. You can see how the students interact with each other in their daily lives instead of just seeing modeled pictures for a brochure. Why the campus may be beautiful in pictures you have to see it for yourself to get a full experience. After a tour you could get a feeling you've never had before, the one where you can't stop smiling and you don't know why; well, congratulations this is most likely your new home!

6. Make Every Moment Count

I couldn't say this one enough! You can't put big events behind you your senior year. Those are the moments that will last a lifetime that you can tell your kids, which will influence their lives. Its okay to let your guard down sometimes and cry about your "lasts". You want to remember the last song you danced to at Prom, and you'll never forget the hilarious lunch times you had with your group of best friends.

7. Don't Be Afraid of Being Alone

This is when you are going to learn how to become more independent. You're going to be making these life choices for yourself, that entails endless fighting within your mind and heart, but in the end you'll figure out where you stand. You'll also already have more confidence going into college because you'll know who you are and where you belong, and you won't be scared to stay up and study alone. You have to become your first friend in college.

8. Apologize

In high school we all made mistakes, but if you have grown and matured, you're willing to accept those mistakes. Its never to late too apologize about your past to make your future clear for more relationships that can grow. This is opening up doors for yourself because you are no longer afraid of what other's think of you or the people you hang out with. You have chosen to become a better version of yourself.

9. Thank Your Teachers

These are the men and women who have shaped you into who are will become on graduation day. They saw you walk in your first day, and will see you walk across the stage. They are there every step of the way to guide you down a path that will help you succeed. Whether it is sports related, academically, or just emotionally, they truly will change your life and you on won't ever meet anyone as special as they are. They push you further because they see your potential and will help you back on your feet when you fall. Our teachers are the people whose shoulders we can cry on.

10. Make the Last Day of High School Count

This is going to be one of the best days and worst days of your life thus far. You're about to start a new journey, but that might mean leaving an adventurous one behind. Hug your friends tight and cry a little. Look at the hallways like you'll never see them again and close your locker one last time. Just remember that it'll still be there when you go visit. Although everyone says your high school friends don't last, if you try hard enough and love them even when you're busy with finals, they'll still be there with you on your wedding day. The last day should be full of laughter, cries, and random break outs of High School Musical 3 songs.

Keep your relationships strong and your memories close to your heart. Don't let others tell you what senior year and the future will be like, live them yourself. This is basically the final year of childhood; enjoy it, and make it count.

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