Every college student knows how hard it is to maintain good grades while working, having an active social life, and living a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, "The Office" feels our pain.

1. That one class you hate because it makes no sense.

2. Checking your bank account goes a little like...

3. Trying to eat healthy in college is a real struggle.

4. Going out with your friends on the weekend & inventing your own dance moves.

5. When your family asks how your semester is going.

6. Taking a 30-minute power nap that turns into a coma.

7. When someone takes your unassigned assigned seat.

8. Acing a test in the class you hate more than anything.

9. Or bombing a test in the class you hate more than anything.

10. Forcing yourself to stop procrastinating & do your work.

11. But seriously, you need to get your work done.

12. Seeing a pupper on campus means it must be cuddled immediately.

13. Driving through crosswalks...

14. When your professor announces a pop quiz.

15. Finishing out the semester with so much newfound knowledge.