We’ve all been there. There’s a paper due in a few hours and you’ve been procrastinating all week about doing it. Here’s some thoughts most of us have probably had while trying to write a paper.

1. “I know exactly what I want to write about.”

2. *Stares at blank page for 20 minutes*

3. “I can’t do this.”

4. “Okay, now I think I got this.”

5. “It’s been an hour and I’ve only got three sentences written.”

6. “I think it’s time for a snack.”

7. “Doritos or Oreos?”

8. “I think I’m in love with these Oreos.”

9. “I should really try to write some more of this paper.”

10. *Puts on Netflix*

11. “This show is the best. I can’t believe how many episodes there are.”

12. “I’ve been watching this for three hours now. I really need to finish my paper.”

13. “I’ve never related to Spongebob so much in my life.”

14. “There are only two minutes left to turn it in.”

15. “I’m finally done! I’m never waiting to the last minute for a paper again.”