New Jersey: the land of traffic, the beach, and drivers who don't care about anyone else but themselves. Here's just a few thoughts everyone has while driving in New Jersey!

1) I wonder how other people do it... pumping their own gas...

I have never once touched a gas pump and I never intend to. Ahh, New Jersey.

2) Stay, stay, I did NOT tell you that you could go!

I do this 100% of the time while driving. I always know when someone's getting the bright idea of turning out in front of me and I just think, 'Not today, sweetheart, you can stay right there!'

3) How do you not see me?! I'm BRIGHT. RED.

I say this all the time. Anyone who knows me knows this is my go to scream-phrase. My car is candy apple red.

4) There's a cop up there, which means everyone needs to slow down and stare at the lights!

Always. Always. I get you all want to see what's happening, but it's probably some idiot getting a ticket. Nothing fascinating, now MOVE, some of us have places to be and people to see.

5) Okay, those police lights are seriously blinding though.

They need to do something about this, especially at night. I can just about see the road, let alone if a cop decides to hop in front of my truck.

6) Oh my god, the sun! I'm blind!

No matter the time of day, the sun always manages to be in my eyes while driving, and the visor certainly does not help us short people one bit.

7) And I'm cutting you off.... NOW!

Blinker at the last second? Check. Lunatic beeping behind you? Double check.

8) How do I get there? Google Maps! I wonder what people did before GPS..

My GPS knows how to get me there in one piece, how to reroute me because I always miss my turns. The machine always knows!! I trust the machine.

9) Let me- LET ME IN! No? You get the middle finger AND the horn!!

Hope you're ready, cause I can do this for miles!

10) Oh my god, I love this song! *plays it 20 times in a row*

The song will not end until I know every single word and everyone else around me does, too!

11) The light is yellow - GO GO GO!

I can make it, I know I can!

12) Wawa or QuickChek, which gas is cheaper today?

Those 5 cents really make a difference. Piece of Advice -- QuickChek is always cheaper.


It never fails that you'll be going a cool 45 mph and an old lady turns out going 15... never fails...

14) Run, little squirrel, run!

I will always slow down and let all my little furry friends cross the road.

15) Jeez, you're going so fast! And I'm going fast! How fast are you going?

Everyone in New Jersey drives like a crazy person, and if you're not ready for it, then you just shouldn't be here.