Things You Should Know Following Shark Week
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Things You Should Know Following Shark Week

There are a lot of dangerous things lurking in the ocean, but Shark Week should not make you afraid to go out and swim.

Things You Should Know Following Shark Week

Shark Week has just happened. I know what you are thinking. You are not eager to jump into those shark infested waters. Of course, there are a lot of dangerous things lurking in the ocean, but Shark Week should not make you afraid to go out and swim. But, I do not blame you if you are hesitant after watching a week's worth of sharks. Here are 15 things you should know after watching Discovery's Shark Week (Facts courtesy of

1. People are shark's most dangerous predators.

People hunt sharks down, should they be the ones fearing us? Killer whales, crocodiles, seals and even larger sharks have been known to snack on sharks.

2. Of the average 30-50 shark attacks each year, only around five or 10 prove to be fatal.

That is a lot of attacks that leave people alive to tell their story. The chances of dying from a shark are less than dying from a wasp.

3. Roughly 20 percent of sharks are close to extinction.

Overfishing is a huge problem for sharks. A lot of times commercial fisheries will accidentally capture sharks

4. Sharks are not always found just in the ocean.

Sharks have been known to be found in bays, lagoons and even rivers occasionally.

5. Sharks have been swimming in the sea for more than 400 million years.

You thought grandma was getting old? Think again.

6. Only 3 percent of the more than 500 species of sharks are known to attack humans.

Do not worry when you come into contact with a whale shark, they will not harm you. If you see a bull shark, however, start swimming like you never have before.

7. Sharks do not use their teeth to chew their prey.

These many rows of teeth are used to rip prey into pieces to swallow whole.

8. Sharks are at the top of the food chain underwater.

Without sharks, creatures such as octopi would start to over-populate the ocean.

9. Sharks stalk their victims.

On the hunt, sharks will stay far enough away not to be seen, but close enough to know when to strike.

10. A shark's sense of smell is one of it's best attributes.

Sharks can smell one drop of blood from miles away.

11. Odd items are sometimes found in a shark's stomach.

Things such as gas tanks, tires and even license plates have been found after opening up a shark.

12. The average shark lives to be 25 years old.

Although, some sharks can live to 100.

13. Sharks begin their feeding frenzy before birth.

Some sharks are known to each their sibling in the womb before every making it out.

14. Great white sharks can jump high.

They have been seen jumping as far as 10 feet into the air in order to catch prey.

15. Galeophobia: fear of sharks.

For those of you who have an excessive fear of sharks.

Do not worry, you are only at risk of coming into contact with sharks while swimming. When you do go swimming, surfing or snorkeling, just keep some of these facts in mind. And if that doesn't work, just keep swimming.

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