We've all heard the term, and we all have a stereotype in our heads about what being "Type A" really is about. No, we aren't always uptight and workaholics (even though we can be sometimes). Some people think that having a "Type A" personality is the worst thing that can happen. But, just as Blair Waldorf said, not everyone can be. It's just a gift you're given, and you're pretty much the sh*t.

1. You are the most organized person you know. 

2. You hate being late, but you hate others being late even more. 

3. For the most part, you've got your "ish" together. 

4. You are very goal oriented, and won't let anything get in your way of achieving them. 

5. You're not too sure how to relax because your mind is always racing. 

6. You can get irritated at the smallest things. 

7. You're a workaholic. 

8. You are a very hard worker; sometimes you work too hard.

9. You like to control every situation you are put into...

10.  ...And if you can't control it, you get frustrated. 

11.  You are extremely competitive and you like to win. 

12.  You are constantly adding to your to-do list. 

13.  You don't understand how some people can be so stupid. 

14.  You put your best foot forward and everything you do... 

15.  ... And you let nothing or no one hold you back. 

Even though it comes with its ups and downs, I wouldn't want it any other way.