15 Things That Will Blow Your Mind

-You've never seen your actual face, only pictures and what you see through the mirror

-You can't hum while holding your nose

-Money has such large value yet its only paper

-Time goes by crazy slow when your young, but now it goes by faster than ever

-You get on a plane in freezing cold temperatures, and travel south and it gets crazy warm in a span of 2+ hours

-You're never actually touching anything, only atoms

-A Chimpanzee is only 1% different from human DNA

-When we're in college, we never really have a permanent place that we live for 4 years.

-We sleep for almost half our life

-Earth is actually a gigantic ball of rock hurdling towards the sun

- When we dream, we don't technically know what happens when you die so you black out in a pre-death situation

-You can't make up faces in your dreams, it's always someone you see throughout your day/life, even if it's for less than a second.

-This life could be a massive dream

-The way everything escalates from nothing into something and becomes part of your life

-We now spend almost 75% of our lives on our phones

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