15 Things That I Am Thankful For Everyday
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15 Things That I Am Thankful For Everyday

I'm not just thankful on 1 day, I am thankful for the other 364 days.

15 Things That I Am Thankful For Everyday

Every day on the last Thursday of November, we are surrounded by our friends and family. It is the day where we are thankful for them and the things we have. We have a feast, enjoy each others company and laugh. But it's not the only day I'm thankful for. I am thankful every day. I'm thankful that I get to see a new day and be who I am today. So here are 15 things that I am thankful for every day:

1. My life

This is the first thing I'm thankful for every single day before I walk about of my house. Without it, I wouldn't be here, and without it, I wouldn't have the things I have today.

2. Feelings

Sometimes when I'm facing a difficult time, I have this weird thing where I escape from my emotions and resort to numbness. It lasts anywhere for two days to 4 weeks. When I was numb from my feelings I didn't care, I didn't feel pain, happiness, anything. I was empty inside. And knowing that I was empty inside it bothered me until something worse happened that popped that numbness for good. I was thankful that something did happen (even though it was bad) because I am a person who feels, not a person who escapes feelings. So I'm thankful I get control of my feelings, especially the good ones.

3. My family

I love my family and the wonderful time when we are together because it makes me not worry about anything. When I'm with them, I feel safe and joyful.

4. Education

Without education, the world is pretty silent. Education is key to many things in life. It is easily spread and make a great impact on others. And I'm grateful I live in a nation where I get to have an education and get to further it by going to college and becoming something greater.

5. Running

Ahh, my favorite thing I'm thankful for every day. Running is like my soulmate. It's there for me when I'm happy, stressed, sad, etc. I honestly don't know what if I wasn't a runner because it's the first thing I escape to and what has essentially shaped who I am today.

6. Random texts and calls

For some reason, this always happens when I least it. But I love getting those texts or calls and just seeing and hearing wonderful things that just light up my mood. So I'm thankful that I have those people in my life who always think of me.

7. Intelligence

I've achieved so much in my life because I was smart enough to know what was right and what was wrong for me.

8. The First Amendment

There are many places in the world that people don't get to have a voice or an opinion, and those who do have this right don't use it enough. So I'm thankful that I get to have a voice and advocate for others that are crying for this civil right.

9. My coaches and teachers

My coaches in high school were one of the many best things that happened to me. They made me stronger physically, emotionally and mentally. Cross Country and Track is not just a physical sport, it's a sport where you have a constant battle with your mind because your legs and mind are telling you two different things. Every day during practice or meets I had the constant battle, but I slowly learned to defeat it with the help of my coaches. And as for my teachers, they continue to educate my every single day about something I didn't know about. Each day I'm getting smarter, wiser and knowledgeable.


I love quotes so much, and sometimes a little motivating quote is what gets me through the day!

11. Food

Sometimes when I throw away food, I feel extremely guilty because there are people who don't have any and are dying to just eat a scrap. But I'm thankful I get to eat every day and make sure that I serve what I'm going to finish.

12. My father and grandmother

These are the two people who know me best. I am extremely thankful for them and I always tell that and how much I love them every chance I have. They are my reasons for doing what I do today and who I am.

13. God

Every night before I go to bed, I put my hands together and pray on my bedside. I thank God for always being there for me and for guidance. Without him I am nothing.

14. Strength

There are times where I have my weakest moments where I just can't see any hope, so then I talk about it and I discover that there is something inside of me that is strong. I am the person who runs when injured, stayed up all night to get good grades, watch my aunt pass away, and more. I am strong and that is strength. It's my strength!

15. For overcoming my worst battles

For a few months I've been battling when a major heart break, and I honestly thought I would ever get over it. Up until a couple weeks ago I've started my healing process and thankful I'm doing better.

16. Honors program

Being an honors student is so rewarding. Yes, it is a lot of work, but it's worth it and I'm happy that in three years from now I will graduate as an honors student from college and be opened to new opportunities.

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