I am currently blocked up (no, not in that way). I can't seem to write anything that feels right. Everything seems half-assed, and even as I write this introduction, I'm thinking of how it could be better, what I could do to make it better, and knowing that it's not going to get better because I am in a shit spiral of perpetual stuckness (which isn't even a word, but I'm gonna go with it). If you've ever wondered what my brain is like (or, honestly, what any writer's brain is like), look no further. Here is my shit spiral of perpetual stuckness in gif form:

1. You go into the situation optimistic because you finally have a good idea.

2. But all of the ideas leave your mind as soon as you open your laptop or notebook.

3. You take a 5 minute break to trigger some inspiration, but it turns into a 5 hour long binge-watch of your favorite show.

4. You snap back into reality and try to get back to writing.

5. But you end up staring at your laptop screen and hoping to God that something comes to you.

6. You try to write out the perfect scene, but every word seems wrong.

7. And at some point, you begin to write whatever the hell comes to your mind first.

8. A fleeting thought runs through your mind that maybe writing isn’t what you’re supposed to do with your life.

9. And then you remember that there’s no better feeling than the chill you get when you finally write the perfect scene.

10. Plus, you’re not really good at anything else.
11. When you complain to someone about your writer’s block, and they say, “Just start writing. It doesn’t have to be perfect.”

12. Eventually, you hit your stride and the words pour out of you.

13. But when you reread what you just wrote, you’re convinced that someone hacked your computer and changed everything because it sucks that much.

14. So you give up and go to bed because writer’s block sucks, and you wouldn’t wish it upon your worst enemy.

15. And, finally, the day comes when you write the perfect scene, and you love it (even after you've read it 10 billion times to make sure it's as perfect as it seems).